‘Unlocking Six-Figure Success: Insights from a Self-Made Entrepreneur’

Meet Stacey Brass-Russell, a trailblazing entrepreneur from New York who, at the age of 54, has achieved a remarkable six-figure income for the first time in her life. Stacey’s journey to success has been a rollercoaster ride, including stints as a waitress, actress, and yoga teacher. However, it wasn’t until she reached the age of 50 that she decided to embark on a new path, leading to her extraordinary achievements.

In an enlightening YouTube video on Shera, a digital platform dedicated to empowering women, Stacey unveiled her secrets to success as a life and business coach. Initially, she had no idea her coaching venture would skyrocket. Within just two years of starting her business, it transformed into a thriving enterprise, generating multiple six-figure revenues.

During the interview, Stacey shared her five fundamental beliefs that lay the foundation for achieving success.


Stacey emphasized, “The first belief is that you are pre-certified by the universe. Many individuals who aspire to create their next chapter often experience imposter syndrome. They underestimate themselves, assuming they lack the necessary certifications or expertise to offer valuable services. I’ve witnessed countless individuals shrink and play small due to this belief. It’s crucial to recognize your inherent talents and experiences, even if they don’t come with official degrees.”


Stacey explained, “The second belief is ‘you know how.’ I developed this belief because countless individuals hold themselves back from pursuing their dreams and making significant changes simply because they believe they lack the knowledge or skills required. Despite never having a multiple six-figure business before, I refused to be hindered by the notion of ‘I don’t know how.’ Dismissing this limiting belief is vital.”


Stacey asserted, “This belief stems from the fact that many people wake up with their new-ish businesses feeling lost and uncertain about where to focus their efforts. This ties back to the first belief. Whenever in doubt, prioritize being of service to others.”


Stacey stressed, “I am always right on time. This means that our human brains often sabotage us with thoughts of being behind schedule. We tend to compare ourselves to others, particularly those who seem more successful or younger. I launched my business at 50 years old. If I hadn’t embraced the belief that I am always right on time, I might have sabotaged myself, thinking I was too old to make a change or start a business.”


Stacey declared, “The fifth belief we should instill in ourselves is that abundance is our birthright. When I mention abundance, I’m not solely referring to financial wealth, although it certainly helps. Many individuals struggle with scarcity and fear. While everyone desires a money mindset, I emphasize that it encompasses more than money alone. It involves understanding that money is a form of energy, and energy is abundant.”

Stacey cautioned against expecting overnight success or seeking quick fixes. She highlighted the importance of investing time, energy, and money into one’s endeavors.

Stacey initially pursued a career in performance, working as a waitress until she turned 30. She transformed her passion for yoga into a side hustle, teaching classes alongside her waitressing job. When the business relationship soured, Stacey made a courageous decision to venture into life coaching. This eventually expanded to assisting individuals with their businesses.

Now, as a successful entrepreneur, Stacey couldn’t be happier. She considers her achievements a “wonderful surprise” that came from taking a leap of faith and establishing

her company. While she didn’t set out to be a business coach initially, Stacey recognized the signs and embraced the opportunity to help others succeed. Her message to aspiring entrepreneurs is that they possess everything within themselves to achieve success. It requires cultivating the right mindset, building confidence, and realizing that their unique offerings and messages matter.

Stacey concludes, “[You need to] do the necessary life and mindset work in order to fully show up, start your own business, become an entrepreneur, and make a meaningful impact in the world.”

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