Unfazed by Neighbors’ Criticism, Woman Plans an Even Bigger Christmas Door Display

Hannah Cox, who faced criticism from her neighbours last Christmas due to her extravagant Nutcracker door display, is undeterred and has declared that this year’s decorations will be “even bigger.”

In 2022, Hannah went out to create a show-stopping festive scene, much to the chagrin of a disgruntled neighbour residing on the same Somerset street.

Determined to make a comeback, the 31-year-old devised a ‘gingerbread bakery’ theme to steal the spotlight.

Hannah fully expects that her display may ruffle some feathers again, but she remains utterly unfazed by the potential backlash.

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“I know at least one household doesn’t like it [my decorations], but that just makes me want to do it more,” she shared with Jam Press.

“Only three houses on the street can see my door as we’re at the end of the road, so they are being petty.

“Christmas is meant to be magical and fun. [Initially], I wanted to do the Grinch as a comeback. [I’m] quite stubborn and tried to do it as a joke, but my idea now is a Christmas gingerbread bakery. I’m contemplating painting the door brown, like a cookie, but I’m unsure if this is too much – I’ll decide soon.

“I want the display to be even bigger this year. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but I put much effort into making it look super festive and fun.”

Last year, the professional wreath-maker spent under £700 to adorn her door, including a towering six-foot nutcracker at £250 and a festive arch for £435.

After dedicating five hours to assemble the display, Hannah, who boasts 54,800 online followers on her business account (@artificialhannah), was left puzzled by her neighbours’ remarks.

She recounted, “When they [the neighbours] knocked on the door, they asked what the display was and why I was doing it. It was along the lines of ‘it’s a bit over the top.'”

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Her previous displays have featured spring flowers and a pumpkin spice theme.

Hannah also addresses criticisms that she squanders money and materials on her extravagant decorations.

She clarified, “The 2022 Nutcracker was raffled off to charity, and the proceeds went to a Somerset cancer equipment charity. All my odd flowers get donated to children’s craft clubs as well. I always give back to the community after a big display.

“I just like to be different with decorating; it works great for advertising what I can do. I make the designs in my head and change the door colour yearly. It’s faux and high quality, and it’s all reusable.”

Hannah’s grand reveal of this year’s display is scheduled for November.


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