Thrifty Expert Shares Essential November Purchase: Butter and Tips to Extend Its Shelf Life for Two Years

Thrifty expert Amy Lynn Cross, aged 46, has gained popularity for her innovative food preservation techniques, such as using vinegar water to prolong the freshness of produce by eliminating mould spores.

Her method includes placing paper towels beneath berries and greens to absorb excess moisture and storing them in mason jars or Pyrex glass containers in the refrigerator.

The mother, who boasts 139,100 followers on Instagram and YouTube under the handle @thecrosslegacy, has now shared a budget-friendly tip in a widely viewed reel.

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In the video, Amy, hailing from Washington, US, enlightens her audience, “Did you know that November is the prime time to purchase butter throughout the year? Keep an eye on those deals and add some butter to your shopping cart, then store it in your freezer.”

Her post also advises that butter can be frozen for up to two years, ensuring it stays fresh.

This revelation has amazed social media users, with one woman enthusiastically buying eight packs from Aldi.

In response to a query about freezing butter, Amy advised, “Simply place the box in the freezer. I usually mark the purchase date on the box.”

Many are surprised by the drop in butter prices in November, with comments like “I’ve never noticed. Now I’ll be on the lookout” and “I’ll be watching for those sales! I’ve never thought of freezing butter, but it’s a brilliant idea.”

Another user expressed their astonishment, “Incredible! I had no idea butter could be frozen.”

Previously speaking to Jam Press, Amy shared, “I believe washing produce in vinegar eliminates mould spores. I use a paper towel at the bottom of the airtight container to absorb moisture for berries and greens. I store almost everything in mason jars or Pyrex glass containers with airtight lids.”

Amy, who spends just five minutes planning her weekly groceries, has also authored a book on produce tips titled ‘I Bought It, Now, What?’.

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Her journey in food preservation began a few years ago following a refrigerator breakdown, prompting her to save for a new one.

She explained, “I purchase seasonal, organic produce when possible, wash it in vinegar water, ensure it’s dry before storage, and since switching to glass containers from plastic, we’ve seen a significant improvement in how long our produce lasts.

“Items like asparagus and green onions are stored in water, like flowers, and I replenish the water every few days. I buy standard staples, so I’m always aware of what’s in my pantry and freezers, including a year’s meat supply.

“If something on my list is shelf-stable or freezable, I buy it in bulk, like a year’s salt supply, instead of small quantities.”

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Her strategy includes batch cooking and stocking the freezer.

Amy concluded, “Anyone can set aside a few monthly hours for produce preparation. It’s a worthwhile investment for healthy snacks and easy meals for weeks.”


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