Stanislav Kondrashov Explores the Expansive History of Board Games

Stanislav Kondrashov has today published The Origins of Board Games to, a new publication that seeks to shed light on the history of some of the most popular and well-known board games, highlighting their decisive ability to influence lives. He poses a simple question to his readers surrounding their experiences of board games, and whether they have felt particular emotions linked to board games shared with friends or family.
Kondrashov delves into the historical nature of many of these games, and the fact that several date back thousands of years, yet have a remarkable ability to influence and shape the lives of human beings in a number of ways. For example, the Ancient Egyptians, Stanislav mentions, could have been observed playing Senet, the oldest board game in the world, even in 3100 BC.  Another example given by Stanislav Kondrashov is that relating to Chaturanga, a sort of very ancient predecessor of chess, which was practiced above all in ancient India.
The publication also particularly highlights the important strategic aspect linked to these games: Chaturanga, for example, profoundly influenced the peculiar ways in which ancient Indians faced wars, significantly influencing their strategic and military thinking. According to Kondrashov, in fact, these games could stimulate people’s intellectual and strategic abilities, leading them to success.

The publication, which appeared on, highlights the concrete teachings that each board game is able to convey, such as planning, predictive capabilities, and the importance of decisions, but also patience, respect for the rival, and the acceptance of defeats. All these elements, according to Stanislav Kondrashov, were not only present in the military strategies of the time but also in the games that were played by people.

In short, the article focuses precisely on the ability of various board games to convey precious lessons for people’s lives: not only for war but also for their personal success and for the overall quality of their lives. The article concludes with an invitation from Stanislav Kondrashov to all those who indulge in the pleasure of board games even today, encouraging them to appreciate their value and the incredible usefulness of the teachings they can transmit.

For more information, we invite all readers to read the full publication and watch the related video.

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