Signs Indicating Your Boss May Be Plotting Your Termination

Ben Sweeny, a tech professional who doubles as a renowned comedian on TikTok with a following of 43,000, has recently shared some telltale signs that could suggest your boss is contemplating your dismissal.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Ben’s TikTok videos frequently go viral for their witty sketches and parodies. He enjoys dishing out advice pertaining to corporate workplaces, and one of his recent videos, amassing over five million views, has taken the social media sphere by storm.

In his video (@corporate.sween), Ben offers several pointers, emphasizing the significance of fostering a positive rapport with your manager and the importance of refraining from signing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

“My intention in creating these videos is to playfully expose the irony and hypocrisy prevalent in the corporate world,” remarks Ben. “I aim to highlight the disingenuous nature of middle management, particularly in the face of widespread workforce layoffs.

“Having spent around eight years in the corporate realm, I’ve encountered a diverse array of managers who serve as my muse for these videos.

“On a brighter note, savor the journey. Life is too precious to endure job-related misery or a toxic boss. If you’re unhappy, strive to move on and lead a life devoid of bitterness.”

RED FLAG NO. 1: Excessive Monitoring of Your Actions

If you’ve been accustomed to working independently but suddenly find yourself required to meticulously document and report every minute detail of your workday, Ben suggests this could be a red flag.

He explains, “While being instructed to monitor and report every nuance of your daily routine doesn’t automatically imply impending termination, it undeniably indicates the presence of an ineffective manager.

“Working under such supervision is unlikely to be a fulfilling experience or conducive to career advancement. Therefore, my firm advice to anyone facing the scenario depicted in my video is to seek a new manager or company discreetly but promptly.”

As an illustrative example in the viral video, Ben enacts a comedic skit while portraying a manager in professional attire.

He quips, “By the way, I’ll be sharing a document with you, which I require you to diligently complete on a weekly basis. It essentially serves as an activity tracker, offering a granular view of your activities from Monday to Friday, hour by hour.”

RED FLAG NO. 2: Refrain from Signing, Don’t Resign

When it comes to the corporate world, Ben advises against signing any Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) and opting for termination over resignation.

He earnestly states, “On a serious note, never consent to a PIP, and never voluntarily resign. Let them make the decision to terminate you if necessary.

“Stand up for your rights. Don’t allow a spineless corporation to erode your self-worth.”

Although Ben has shared only two pieces of advice, his video has garnered a substantial response, amassing over 344,000 likes and numerous comments.

One individual asserts, “I’m thoroughly convinced that quiet terminations are a common occurrence in many workplaces.”

Another adds, “This is an exact replica of what my previous boss did. I hope she’s not faring well.”

A third person emphasizes, “This isn’t sound leadership. Employees should receive regular performance feedback before reaching such a point.”

Mikaela chimes in, “Let’s not forget when they ask you to train someone else for your position but remain vague about the reasons.”

“I did this, and they later discovered that I was not only handling my responsibilities but also those of my superior. Goodbye, boss,” exclaims Kristen.

“I’m only now processing why they made me do that,” confesses another user.

“Quiet PIP’ing, oh my goodness,” exclaims Hana.

“That’s how I knew I was about to be laid off when I received that document,” concludes Kara.

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