Shocking Lice Infestation Unearthed by Hairdresser: Over 150 Eggs Found

A hairdresser’s viral video documenting a horrifying lice infestation in a woman’s hair has left viewers astounded. Rachel Maroun, popularly known as Lice Lady Rachel, took to TikTok to share the unsettling discovery, capturing the attention of her 4.2 million followers with over 368,700 views.

In the chilling clip, the 21-year-old lice technician can be seen meticulously removing the lice from the woman’s scalp, revealing a staggering count of over 150 eggs thriving amidst the strands.

“Eggs are typically laid close to the scalp, and it’s evident that these have been growing alongside her hair, indicating a lice infestation of several months,” Rachel explains in the video.

She adds, “150 eggs per louse is a recipe for rapid infestation.”

Rachel, hailing from Sydney, Australia, effectively eliminates the lice by popping them, a sound that many viewers found oddly satisfying.

Responses to the video were a mix of shock and empathy. Corinne commented, “This made my head itch,” while Maci shared her own experience, saying, “I once battled lice for over a year, and it kept coming back despite trying everything. You don’t truly understand the struggle of lice until you’ve had it.”

The discomforting footage also prompted an itch-induced reaction, with another viewer expressing, “This made my skin crawl and my head itch.”

Some suggested extreme measures to deal with such an infestation, as Charlotte remarked, “I would just shave my hair.”

Monica, however, had a different request, urging Rachel to “please pop a lot all at once. I LOVE the popping!”

Rachel’s previous claim to fame came from sharing a six-month buildup of lice that took nine hours to remove. The case involved a 12-year-old girl with an abundant mane akin to Rapunzel’s. Despite the challenges, Rachel chose to preserve the girl’s hair rather than resorting to shaving.

“We took our time and worked with what she was comfortable with. It was a process that required three hours per appointment, carefully combing through her hair. Some areas, like above her ear, were densely packed with eggs, causing the hair to become entangled. However, we approached it patiently and successfully resolved the situation,” Rachel revealed.

The shocking encounters highlighted by Rachel serve as a stark reminder of the importance of regular hair checks and prompt action to combat lice infestations.

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