Revealed: The surprising benefits of getting married in 2023

According to a British think tank, Civatas marriage rates will drop by 70 percent by 2062. Surprisingly, 1 in 100 couples are choosing to get married currently. But by 2062, Civitas expects it to fall to 1 in 400 couples. 

Because of this, a leading hen and stag do tour operator, DesignaVenture, have offered some advice to couples with the many positives of getting hitched.  

The origin of marriage goes back way before Christ however, the act of getting married in a Church dates back to 1250-1300 CE. The main reason for getting married during this time was to form an alliance between families. 

But what about now? Currently getting married means many things to different people. With marriage, the common factors to follow include children, financial and legal stability, along with the promise of a lifelong partnership. 

Marriage has its many benefits including a solid foundation for children e.g. sharing the same family name. Along with this, buying a house also becomes an important factor, with you both owning a joint asset. 

This highlights many positives when it comes to financial stability and the law: 

  • Additional legal and financial benefits
  • A marriage tax allowance, the ability to share your tax allowance plus the ability to share assets and money between each other tax free.  
  • Financial protection if you separate or if your spouse dies. An example for this is your home/ joint mortgage, if the worst happens and your spouse dies you automatically inherit your partner’s share (unless their Will states otherwise).
  • If you were to separate, all assets are shared equally (unless stated otherwise)
  • If you are unmarried biological or adopted parents and you separate, the mother will automatically get parental responsibility for the child/children. This means she will have the legal right to make decisions for the child’s / children’s life including their health, where they live, their education and even their name. 

On a lighter note, one of the highlights of the wedding is the pre celebration with friends, better known as your stag weekend or hen party. It’s not compulsory but if you decide to have a small or large wedding, a stag/ hen weekend is a great event to invite people to celebrate. 

To avoid the stresses of planning your last single weekend, you can opt for an event planner, such as DesignaVenture. 

About DesignaVenture: 

Organising and running events is what we do best, our expertise and experience makes us stag do and hen party leaders. Our top priority since establishing DesignaVenture in 2003 is to provide a service based on outstanding and expert customer service.

Our wealth of experience comes all the way down from the top, with our director and management teams having worked in travel since 1997, our director since 1989. 

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