Plates4Gifts Debuts for the Holiday Season – Speciality in Custom Luxury Gifts

As the festive season approaches, Plates4Less has launched a Gift Hub, a comprehensive set of guides for those interested in gifting private number plates. The hub includes a search guide, a buyer’s guide, a guide for recipients, an FAQ, and a festive guide. Over the past five years, the private number plate market has expanded by 30%, with two-fifths of Plates4Less’s customers now purchasing them as gifts. Plates4Less offers a streamlined, all-encompassing service for gift-givers, perfect for those looking for meaningful and enduring presents in the lead-up to Christmas.

With Christmas just around the corner, Plates4Less has unveiled their Plates4Gifts Guide. Designed to simplify the gift-buying process, it assists those in search of the perfect discreetly purchased number plate gift.

The popularity of Private Plates as gifts in the UK has risen, with 40% of Plates4Less customers now buying number plates for loved ones.

At Plates4Less, customers can access a free, downloadable gift certificate, ideal for extremely last-minute gifting. For those planning ahead, a presentation pack upgrade is available, presenting the certificate in a ribbon-tied folder, with next-working-day delivery for orders placed by 2pm.

The Rising Trend in Personalised Plates

Antony Clark, Marketing Manager at Plates4Less, highlights the increasing demand for personalised number plates.

He stated: “There’s been a 30% increase in private plate demand in the last five years. With cars getting more expensive but also more reliable, many prefer to invest in a new plate rather than a new vehicle.

“Private plates are sought-after for their uniqueness, allowing individuals to personalise their vehicles. Our clients often seek plates for easier identification in crowded parking areas or for added security against theft.”

Antony Clark, an authority on number plates, notes that many private plates are now bought as gifts.

He revealed: “About 40% of our customers now purchase private number plates as gifts.”

The Attractiveness of Number Plates as Gifts

Antony commented: “Gifts that are both considerate and luxurious are highly sought-after, and private plates perfectly fit this description. They are also ideal for those who are notoriously hard to shop for.”

Private Plates are gifts that can be cherished for years, easily transferable between vehicles, and can potentially increase in value.

“As interest wanes in travel and experience gifts, clients are gravitating towards tangible gifts. The process of finding and purchasing a private number plate itself becomes a memorable experience,” Antony added.

Choosing a Private Plate for Someone

To meet the increased demand, Plates4Less has launched the Plates4Gifts Hub, designed to guide customers through the selection process.

Antony stated: “We aim to enable customers to navigate their searches independently, whilst providing support and guidance.”

The approach, detailed in the Plates4Gifts Hub Search Guide, starts with an initial concept, such as a name or initials, and expands with other elements like significant numbers or dates.

Expert Insights

  1. Assemble and Consult on a Shortlist
    • Compile a selection of plate options, consulting with the recipient’s friends or family. If the gift isn’t meant to be a surprise, include the recipient in the decision-making process.
  2. If Investment Potential is Key
    • When gifting with investment in mind, select options with broader appeal, like names instead of initials, or plates with simple or repeating numbers.
  3. Secure Now for Future Gifting
    • Unique registration marks can be secured from Plates4Less for future gifting, even if the recipient doesn’t have a vehicle at present.

Plates4Less, part of VRM Swansea, is a top agency in the UK for private number plate transactions, boasting over 67 million registrations and a cutting-edge search engine. Established in 1997, the company is highly regarded on Trustpilot.

Despite its name, Plates4Less was involved in the UK’s most expensive private plate sale in 2022, which exceeded £600,000.

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