Model Chloe Amour Celebrates Solo Christmas: Embraces Independence

Model and influencer Chloe Amour has declared her intention to spend this Christmas independently, stating emphatically that she “doesn’t need” a man for companionship or gifts. The 32-year-old model, known for her specific criteria for potential partners, is focusing on herself this holiday season, planning to enjoy self-given presents and time with loved ones.

With a substantial Instagram following (@realchloeamour), Chloe has previously made news for her exacting standards in a partner. This New Year, she’s opting out of relationships, expressing a desire for guidance from the universe and dedicating herself to self-care.

“I am not looking for a man this Christmas. Men can bring drama and be controlling. This year, I am focusing on self-care and self-love, and I trust that the universe will bring the right person into my life at the right time,” Chloe said in a statement to NudePR.

Chloe’s holiday season will be about indulging in self-purchased treats, including a new Tesla Model X and additions to her winter wardrobe. She’s embracing the holiday freedom, valuing the ability to make her own choices without constraints.

Reflecting on a recent date that influenced her decision, Chloe shared, “I’m proud of my career, and I’m transparent about it. However, my last date ended abruptly when he expressed discomfort with my content creation. I won’t compromise my career for a relationship.”

Despite receiving luxurious gifts from fans in the past, Chloe is highlighting the significance of self-love and independence. This Christmas, she’s swapping lavish resorts for cosy family gatherings in festive pyjamas.

Chloe concludes with a message of empowerment, “To all the single women wanting a man for Christmas, you are beautiful and independent. Self-love is the most important thing. Couples, enjoy each other and the present moments without stress. Spend the holidays with those you care about and love the most.”

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