Instagram’s ‘Mr Adventure’ Gives Back and Inspires Fellow Influencers through the Power of the Outdoors

Tristan Hamm, widely recognized as “Mr Adventure” on Instagram, is on a mission to create platform for positive change using the great outdoors. The intrepid adventurer from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, first gained attention when he gave away over $350,000 in adventure equipment to his followers, easing their access to the outdoors.
Through his immensely popular social media handle (@tristanhamm), boasting a staggering 2.1 million followers, Tristan Hamm strives to spread a message of hope and community globally. A fervent advocate for mental health awareness, he blends his adventurous lifestyle and inclusive outdoor retreats with powerful narratives to create a positive impact.
“Adventure is more than adrenaline, camping, or climbing,” Tristan, also the founder of Revived Outdoors, emphasized in a recent interview. “It’s a snap into the reality of how incredible our planet is, and how insignificant our problems truly are. Getting outdoors is an amazing way to heal.”
In addition to his call for embracing the healing power of nature, Tristan has a compelling message for fellow influencers. “I hope that through my various ways of using my platform to give back, I can inspire a new outlook on influencers and, in turn, motivate more influencers to seek a different approach,” he said.
Acknowledging the sometimes negative perception of influencers, Tristan urges influencers to come together in community and positive influence rather than seeking validation through likes or engaging in divisive behaviors.
Tristan Hamm has led by example, giving back to his community in remarkable ways. His philanthropic efforts include gifting over $350,000 worth of camper trailers and adventure equipment to those in need during Christmas. Sharing the heartwarming moments through a video on Instagram, the gesture garnered immense support, with 5.9 million views, over 236,000 likes, and more than 12,000 comments from a community that rallied behind each other.
“This giveaway was part of a larger initiative where tens of thousands of my followers shared their personal stories of struggles,” Tristan explained. “We randomly drew stories shared in the comments and turned them into opportunities to give back, including two families who won completely outfitted camper trailers with taxes completely paid.”
Tristan Hamm’s actions exemplify the potential of social media to unite people and create positive change. He believes that every influencer has the capacity to generate a wave of positive change and hopes to encourage more influencers to adopt a meaningful direction in their content creation.
“My efforts are a testament to the power of combining influence with genuine community building and support,” Tristan said. “It’s not only about entertainment; it’s about using our influence for good and creating real-world positive change through the process.”

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