Innovative Household Hack: Woman Shares Quick Migraine Relief Using a Surprising Ingredient

A woman who battles excruciating migraines has divulged an extraordinary household remedy that can swiftly alleviate the pain – the simple act of consuming a lemon.

Cass Cavanaugh stumbled upon this unconventional method in August of this year while experimenting with various foods to alleviate her chronic headaches. The 21-year-old, who had previously found solace in sour candy for anxiety, believed there might be a unique trick to alleviate her migraines.

One night, in the throes of intense head-throbbing agony, Cass resorted to biting into a lemon out of desperation – and was astonished by the remarkable relief it brought.

The college student recently shared her ingenious hack on TikTok (@lemongirl), where the video garnered an astounding 15.3 million views.

“When you’re desperate due to migraines, you’ll try anything,” Cass, hailing from Missouri, US, shared with

“I have medications and other coping strategies like sitting in the dark, using cold compresses, and so on, but [on this particular occasion] none seemed to work.

“So one night, I simply bit into a lemon, hoping it might help, and it did.

“I can’t explain it any better than that; I was just desperate and panicked.

“But anyway, I affectionately call it a ‘lemon lobotomy.’ It doesn’t completely dispel the aura, but it distracts from the pain.

“However, I must take an antacid afterward, or it gives me a severe stomach ache!”

Cass doesn’t employ this trick every time since her prescribed medication usually provides relief. However, when she finds herself struggling, she turns to lemons.

Nevertheless, Cass emphasizes that this is solely a “temporary fix,” and individuals enduring such pain should consult a medical professional first. The acidity from biting into lemons may also have implications for dental health.

She cautioned, “If I did it frequently, it would harm my teeth. I recommend thorough brushing with an enamel-boosting toothpaste.

“If you’re experiencing severe migraines, seek medical attention. Lemons serve as a temporary solution.

“I am by no means a licensed medical professional; I’m just ‘lemon girl’ hoping to share some of my limited wisdom.

“Please refrain from trying this trick if you are allergic to citrus or have stomach issues.”

Cass’s TikTok video has garnered 2.6 million likes and is captioned: “Idk how I thought this would help the first time, but funnily enough, it takes it all away.”

In the video, Cass is seen consuming a lemon while squinting her eyes as she bites into the slices. The clip has accumulated 20,600 comments from users, many of whom expressed their empathy for fellow migraine sufferers and the inventive measures they employ to find relief.

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