Fungoid Fashion Fiasco! Peculiar £55 ASOS Blouse Ridiculed by Shoppers Resembling Fungal Growth

A peculiar £55 blouse from ASOS, bearing a striking resemblance to a proliferation of MUSHROOMS, has become the object of ridicule among shoppers.

This pleated garment, primarily in brown hue accentuated with hints of gilded shimmer, exhibits an abundance of substantial ruffles, eliciting comparisons to fungal formations. This particular creation, a part of the fashion application’s LUXE collection, spans the gamut from UK size four to 18.

In addition to its mushroom likeness, one customer likened it to coral. Meanwhile, another voiced that this top ignited their trypophobia—a dread of minuscule perforations.

Within the product listing, a model gracefully sports this discomfiting attire, juxtaposing it with leather trousers and high heels. The description states: “With gratitude from ASOS – presenting a Ruffle design, Bandeau neckline, Thong-back, and a Bodycon fit.”

Cara Lisette, a discerning shopper, exclaimed, “Apologies to ASOS, but this is unequivocally the most unsightly blouse I’ve ever encountered. Why subject me to this aberration? It’s provoking queasiness and itchiness.”

Another individual, identified as Melly, concurred: “Oh dear, this strongly resembles mushrooms. It’s triggering an itching sensation.”

A third commenter remarked with a succinct “Yikes,” while someone else remarked, “It bears an uncanny semblance to an ailment.”

Katy Montgomerie humorously quipped, “If one’s aspiration involves emulating a coral reef, one might find oneself crawling back to this peculiar fashion choice.”

Yet another shopper expressed, “For some inexplicable reason, this attire is exacerbating my Trypophobia.”

Ilona Burton whimsically suggested, “Perfect attire for a Halloween fungus-themed ensemble.” ASOS has yet to issue a comment on this matter.

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