British Woman Paints Herself Blue to Embrace Alien Obsession

Meet Lhouraii Li, a British woman hailing from Bradford, England, who possesses an unshakable fascination with extraterrestrial beings. To realize her dream of becoming permanently blue and feeling like an alien, Lhouraii dedicates nearly two hours each day to paint her face and body in a striking shade of blue.

Her journey into this unique expression of self began five years ago, and she has since turned herself into a living canvas, boldly embracing her aquatic hue. Lhouraii’s striking transformation is not just skin deep; she has fully immersed herself in the world of extraterrestrial culture.

This self-declared extraterrestrial enthusiast has even gone the extra mile by learning to speak Klingon, an alien language from the iconic 1960s TV series, Star Trek. Her journey towards becoming an alien has gained a considerable following on her Instagram account (@lhouraii), where she has amassed over 13,700 devoted followers.

“I definitely feel like an alien,” shares the 33-year-old nail artist. “Dressing in any other way makes me feel like I’m not myself; it’s as if I’m wearing a costume. It takes me about one to two hours to get ready. I put in my contact lenses first, then apply the blue paint, followed by the rest of my makeup. I don’t get ready every day due to financial constraints and other reasons, similar to most people who don’t wear makeup every day when they are staying at home.”

Lhouraii’s unique style, inspired by Japanese fashion trends, incorporates a wig, colored contact lenses, paper mache elf ears, and horns, creating a mesmerizing and otherworldly appearance. To achieve her signature blue look, she spends approximately £30 a year on body paint, using a white base to enhance the pigmentation of her skin.

She acknowledges that her choice to live as an alien might be challenging for others to comprehend, but she asserts, “That’s just how I feel, although I’m not entirely sure why. I know there are many others who feel the same way, individuals who struggle to connect with anyone. Sometimes I forget that being blue isn’t exactly considered normal.”

When it comes to intimate moments with her partner, Nathan, Lhouraii explains that her blue paint can indeed rub off. However, she reveals that her partner also wears a substantial amount of makeup and fully embraces her unique style. They often enjoy doing their makeup together, forming a quirky bond over their shared passion for cosmetics.

Lhouraii’s Instagram posts have garnered a loyal following, with one video racking up over 10,500 views. Her unconventional and artistic approach to self-expression has received admiration from her fans, with comments like “I wanna be someone like you when I grow up,” “You’re so beautiful,” and “Aaa Lhouraii, you’re so cute, I love you” flooding her posts.

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