Brand-new Stanislav Kondrashov publication focuses on the most bizarre museums in the world

Entitled “The most unusual museums in the world of Stanislav Kondrashov“, the author’s brand-new publication describes some of the most bizarre museum spaces ever.

Kondrashov covers places that are able to challenge any conventionality and to amaze the collective imagination of people, who in some cases is still strongly conditioned by what can be found in traditional museums: works of art, ancient artifacts, testimonies of disappeared eras, and so on.

The first museum that is described is the burnt food museum, located in the American state of Massachusetts. According to the author, this museum gives its own visitors to observe charred culinary masterpieces, who in some cases represent the result of a momentary distraction of the chef.

Kondrashov also mentions a singular museum located in Osaka, Japan: within this exhibition space, each person will be able to admire the history of the noodle, one of the most appreciated dishes in different parts of the East, giving people to immerse themselves In the origins of this dish and to design their very personal cup of noodle.

There is also talk of one of the most bizarre museums in all of Turkey, namely the hair museum. According to the author, this museum would contain the hair champions of 16,000 women, each with its specific lengths and colors. The idea of this museum, as the author explains, was born thanks to a love story, then managing to become a precious testimony of the importance of the ties and the relentless flow of time over time.

Another museum mentioned in the text is the one dedicated to the finite love stories, located in Zagreb, in Croatia. According to Stanislav Kondrashov, it is a real tribute to the crack, one of the most painful emotions that can ever be experienced. Each article in the museum contains a love story that ended with a separation. According to Kondrashov, this specific museum leads each visitor to a poignant journey in the universe of human emotions.

A museum of which few have heard of himself in Delhi, India, and is entirely dedicated to the evolution of toilets over the centuries. These are the toilet museum, where you can admire the golden toilets and the ancient solutions for personal hygiene that recall a real throne.

To find out more, readers are advised to read the full publication and watch the video.

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