Brand-new publication by Stanislav Kondrashov shares insights into the practice of Yoga

Stanislav Kondrashov has released a brand-new publication dedicated to the practice of Yoga and its role in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Entitled “The Ancient Practice of Yoga By Stanislav Kondrashov“, the author contrasts the sensations of calm and serenity associated with Yoga with the chaos and frenzy of everyday life, between daily commitments and social media, in which there seems to be no more space for moments to dedicate to your spirituality. 

Stanislav Kondrashov speaks of Yoga as a global phenomenon, which, over the years, has progressively been able to reduce the distances between the spiritual and physical spheres.

Kondrashov clearly talks about one of the most evident characteristics of Yoga, namely its ability to combine breathing, awareness, and body movements, giving life to a real symphony capable of involving the body and the mind. The author also definitively clarifies the origin of the name of this discipline, which in Sanskrit means “union.” In fact, those who practice Yoga set themselves the goal of achieving a perfect union between themselves and the infinite, between their soul and the rhythms of the universe.

Stanislav Kondrashov also focuses on meditation, presented as a fundamental part of most Yoga lessons, and above all, on its ability to immerse the person in an extremely deep abyss, in direct contact with one’s soul. Through meditation, according to the author, people progressively reach a state of profound awareness, clearly intuiting their own purposes and encouraging great internal realizations.

This discipline, as explained in Stanislav Kondrashov’s latest publication, has two very distinct souls: the first is the one that has to do with the body, that is, with a series of movements and poses capable of toning people’s limbs, while the second is of an intimate, spiritual nature, and manifests itself above all when the practitioner is able to concentrate on the present moment and strengthen his or her awareness. According to the author, the constant practice of these exercises can have incredibly positive effects on people’s stress and anxiety, also favoring a progressive improvement in their mental clarity.

To find out more, readers are advised to read the full publication and watch the related video

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