Body Modification Enthusiast with Metal Mohawk and Tattooed Eyeballs Shares Before and After Photos – the Transformation is Astonishing

Juliusz, a passionate tattoo and body modification enthusiast sporting a metal mohawk and inked eyeballs, has shared before-and-after photos that showcase a remarkable transformation.

With over 28,700 TikTok followers (@inkedjuliusz2 .3), the 24-year-old content creator has dedicated years to altering his appearance and aims to have 100% of his body adorned with ink.

Juliusz recalls that he first felt the desire for tattoos at the tender age of eight. His journey from a fresh-faced teenager to his current appearance is documented in the images.

The dedicated enthusiast is willing to invest significantly in his unique look. His metal mohawk alone cost an astounding €3,500, while his tattoos range from €80 to €1,200.

He shared, “I initially contemplated getting just one tattoo, but as time passed, my fascination with body modifications and tattoos grew stronger.”

“At the age of 15, I first contacted a body modification artist in Munich to learn more about the ‘metal mohawk’ (transdermal implant). However, back then, I had different priorities.”

In 2022, Juliusz took the plunge and underwent the transdermal implant procedure, involving the insertion of metal plates into his head.

Regarding his tattoos, Juliusz states that most of them lack specific meaning and are purely for aesthetic reasons, with one notable exception.

He explained, “In general, most of my tattoos, except for one, don’t carry a specific meaning. I get them because I like the design, and I believe I’ll still like them in 10 years.”

“The exception is my tattoo on the right side of my head, which relates to my music genre that I’ve been listening to since I was 12 years old. I’m deeply passionate about the music and plan to attend many more concerts.”

When it comes to reactions, Juliusz claims to receive mostly positive responses to his extreme body modifications in person, although the online world can be less forgiving.

He noted, “Negative comments or remarks [offline] are rare, and if there are any, I often don’t notice them. Negative comments [online] range from insults to sermons and religious messages. Positive comments are also frequent, and my loyal community supports me strongly.”

In terms of the future, Juliusz is currently focused on building his digital presence and has more body modifications planned. However, he acknowledges that his distinctive appearance can pose challenges in his search for love.

He added, “Now, I’m searching for a new career opportunity while trying to build a presence on social media. Additionally, I have plans to participate in some German TV series if I can find the time.”

“I’m also currently looking for a partner, but it’s quite challenging due to my body modifications. Okay, for me, the problem is that I prefer men significantly more than women. It’s generally very difficult to find the right guy based on my looks alone, but also because I’m very picky and prefer a type of man that will be very difficult to reach.”

“My future plans include getting many more tattoos with the goal of covering more than 100% of my body, leaving no visible skin. Additionally, I have 8-12 implants planned, including custom-made implants for my left forearm.”

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