A Unique Choice: Model Opts for ‘Uneven and Yellow-ish’ Veneers to Match Her Natural Look

Jennifer Lung, also known as Jen, has left social media users surprised after disclosing that she willingly paid £500 for veneers that were deliberately designed to be “uneven and yellow” in color.

Despite her career as a model, Jen has long grappled with her teeth’s appearance, never feeling entirely confident about her smile. Childhood braces and an incident at the age of 14, during which she broke one of her front teeth during a baseball training match, contributed to her dental concerns.

As an adult, Jen decided to get veneers in Thailand. However, instead of opting for the typical dazzling white smile, she sought something more natural in appearance.

Sharing her experience on TikTok, her video garnered over 10.4 million views and a million likes, with viewers praising her for achieving teeth that “look so real.”

Explaining her choice for a more natural look, Jen, now 31, residing in Sydney, Australia, said, “As a model, people scrutinize every aspect of you, and I didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to my teeth. I needed my new teeth to harmonize with my facial features without overpowering them. The same goes for the color choice.”

Jen is aware that many people might find her choice unconventional. She said, “I am aware that a lot of people think I am crazy asking for uneven veneers and a little yellowish tint to match my own teeth. Quite frankly, it’s not my kind of style, and I’m happy I found a dentist that helped me achieve my dream veneers.”

Social media users were taken aback by her story, with many unaware that veneer shades could be customized.

One person commented, “Wait ’cause I been avoiding it cause I don’t want them bright white chunkies lol.”

“They look so real! I would truly never know,” said another.

Jen’s choice resonated with others who felt that the typically bright white veneers often appeared less authentic.

Jen went to the same dentist in Thailand that her fiancé, Samuel Smith, 32, had used when he got his teeth done. The pair were living in Bangkok at the time (October 2018).

She recalled, “Samuel literally chose the clinic closest to our apartment and went there [to get his teeth done]. I was thinking of going there to see if he [the dentist] could help me out with my [broken] tooth. He [the dentist] told me about veneers and how little he would shave off and that my teeth would still look the same if I decided to take them off. This would help cover my discolored tooth.”

Opting for a shade slightly lighter than her natural color, Jen had the four front teeth at the top of her mouth changed. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that veneers could be customized to achieve a more natural look.

The procedure cost her $1,000 AUD (around £520) and took approximately a month in total.

Jen concluded, “I couldn’t have anything fake-looking. I absolutely love my teeth, and it [has given] me so much confidence. Some friends and family didn’t even notice because it [the veneers] fits my face naturally well.”

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