A Father’s Unconventional Path: From Adult Industry to Suburban Life

Jacob Rivera, a 43-year-old father and entrepreneur, has spent 26 years in the adult industry, yet his life is far from the clichés often associated with his profession. Based in the suburbs of Miami, Rivera juggles a successful career in adult entertainment with a wholesome family life.

Rivera, a notable figure in the adult industry, started his career at 18. His family connection to the industry is noteworthy, with his father, cousins, and younger brother all participating in adult films. However, Jacob and his older brother have chosen a different route, focusing on the business side by managing Filthy Kings, an innovative adult content search engine.

Despite his career choice, Rivera maintains a normal family life. “When I’m not filming or working on the business, I am a normal guy. I go to my son’s soccer matches, work out, and spend quality time with my family,” he explains.

Jacob’s career in the adult industry has not impeded his role as a devoted father. He proudly recounts meeting his wife and forming a bond over her son from a previous relationship. His commitment to family is reflected in his meticulously structured schedule, balancing work demands with family responsibilities. “I live for my jiu-jitsu practice, and I’m proud to support my wife to be a stay-at-home mom. To the outside, we are a normal suburban family – our neighbors have no idea I’m a p*rn boss driving off to work to shoot movies, and that suits me fine,” Jacob shares.

As the owner of Filthy Kings, Jacob envisions a future where he may focus on mentoring new talent for his business. He also expresses an interest in real estate and house flipping. His story defies stereotypes and highlights the multifaceted nature of those in the adult industry, emphasising the ability to balance a controversial career with being a dedicated family man.

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