Osbourne Pinner Launches New Landlord and Tenant Service

Osbourne Pinner, renowned as one of London’s premier law firms, has proudly introduced its latest service, the Landlord and Tenant Services. With offices located in both Piccadilly Circus and Harrow, the firm has earned an unparalleled reputation in various legal areas, passionately defending the rights and interests of its clients.

Osbourne Pinner has been offering specialised legal services across a diverse range of sectors, with a particular focus on High Net Worth Divorce cases encompassing financial matters and child custody, as well as services related to Sponsor Licences and Skilled Worker Visas.

More recently, their Landlord and Tenant Issues service has rapidly gained popularity, receiving a warm reception from clients. The firm is elated with the enthusiastic response this newly introduced service has garnered.

Senior Housing Solicitor, Santosh Kumar, elaborated on the advantages of utilising this service, stating,

“Getting legal advice is crucial to protecting your investment and you could avoid conflicts if we are on your team from the start.

“We work as an integral member of your commercial property team and our approach is straightforward and clear, limiting the financial impact of disagreements. We will advise and assist you throughout the landlord and tenant dispute, explaining your rights, alternatives, and likely outcomes.

“We are delighted to be launching this service and look forward to working with clients to protect their interests.” added Kumar.

At Osbourne Pinner, they treat their clients’ properties as if they were their own, regardless of whether they are tenants seeking future investments or landlords aiming for a steady income stream.

Their highly skilled litigation team offers comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, from drafting tenancy agreements to addressing legal inquiries. The professionals at the law firm understand the objectives and needs of both landlords and tenants, priding themselves on delivering straightforward and practical advice that is easily understandable.

To provide comprehensive support to their clients from start to finish, Osbourne Pinner offers landlords a tailored service that encompasses advice and assistance with documentation, starting from the initial tenancy agreement to the tenant’s eventual departure.

This newly launched Landlord and Tenant service includes guidance on:

  1. Dealing with tenants who are late on rent payments.
  2. Handling situations where tenants cause damage to property or possessions.
  3. Information on eviction notices and the process of regaining possession.
  4. Addressing breaches of lease terms by tenants.
  5. Legal representation for landlords.
  6. Preparing and serving notices as per Sections 8 and 21 of relevant laws.
  7. Gathering necessary evidence.

As this flourishing company embarks on this new venture, they eagerly anticipate the promising future that awaits them with this introduced service. You can find more information about Osbourne Pinner’s new Landlord and Tenant services on their website.

Osbourne Pinner stands as one of London’s premier solicitors, with offices in Piccadilly Circus and Harrow, boasting a track record that is unparalleled across all areas of law. The firm also offers high net worth and ultra-high net worth divorce services, guiding clients through intricate financial and legal proceedings.

In addition to these services, Osbourne Pinner specialises in UK immigration law for both businesses and individuals, providing assistance with visa applications, appeals, and British Citizenship applications.

For additional details about Osbourne Pinner, please visit their website.

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