Manleys’ 2023 Staff Conference: A Swiss Adventure in Geneva

The Chester-based media law and litigation specialists, Manleys, held their annual staff conference in Geneva, Switzerland, continuing their tradition of exploring exciting destinations. Past conferences have taken them to European cities like Marbella, Lisbon, Milan, Palma, and Amsterdam. This year, the Manleys team embarked on a Thursday afternoon to Geneva for an eventful and productive conference.

The conference kicked off with an entertaining evening of Geneva’s unique bar-based crazy golf, where Sehar Hussain triumphantly defeated Mark Manley in a play-off. The first day was dedicated to sightseeing, with the team scaling the heights of Mont Blanc and enjoying lunch under the sun. The day also involved a scenic train journey from Chamonix, France, back to Geneva. Despite the leisure, work continued with Sehar Hussain managing to send out an urgent letter amidst the mountainous backdrop, and Managing Director Mark Manley capturing drone footage over a river.

Saturday morning shifted focus to serious business discussions, emphasising strategy, personal, and business development. The firm, known for its pursuit of excellence and impressive client roster, including royalty, PLCs, governments, and celebrities, discussed strategies to further enhance their client base. The Manleys website and their Chester office’s ‘wall of fame’ are testaments to their high-profile clientele.

Reflecting on the past year’s achievements, including successful representation in various legal matters, the conference was a blend of work and relaxation. The team enjoyed a humorous cruise on Lake Geneva, followed by a splendid dinner and a fun-filled visit to a Karaoke bar.

The conference was a first for newcomers Sehar and Emma, who joined the firm in the summer. Sehar, a seasoned litigator with a background in London and a northern commercial firm, supervises Emma and is renowned for her clear advice on complex issues. Their addition strengthens the Manleys team’s expertise.

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