International NGO and Solidarity Announce Statement Urging Cessation of Hostilities in Israel-Hamas Conflict

The conflict between Israel and Hamas, which ignited with the relentless barrage of rockets on October 7, has led to a substantial loss of life and raised concerns about the potential escalation into a global crisis. Numerous governments and international bodies have issued official declarations urging an end to the conflict.

On the 12th of the month, the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), an international non-governmental organisation headquartered in South Korea, and affiliated with the UN Economic and Social Council and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, released an official statement concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict. This marks HWPL’s third official statement advocating for peace, following previous statements addressing the human rights crisis in Myanmar in March 2021 and the Russia-Ukraine War in February 2022.

In their statement, HWPL stated, “It is the innocent civilians who become the victims in wars, and everyone in the world is witnessing this situation in real time. Failing to stop an unjustified war will result in thousands and tens of thousands of civilian casualties. Can anyone compensate for such devastating atrocities?”

HWPL further emphasised its call “for the two parties of the war to immediately cease the acts of aggression, protect the citizens, and actively engage in efforts to ensure recovery and peace”, and calls on “the UN and the international community to swiftly take necessary measures such as mediating peace between the two parties to bring them to a dialogue and providing humanitarian support.”

Back on March 14, 2016, HWPL collaborated with international legal experts from 15 different countries to formulate and announce the “Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW)” as a framework for international peace law. This declaration advocates international cooperation, citizen involvement, and cultural approaches to prevent conflict, mediate disputes, and foster peace. HWPL has expressed its intention to submit the DPCW to the United Nations. Through peace initiatives conducted in over 170 nations, HWPL is crafting detailed action plans to construct a more peaceful world by establishing an institutionalised approach to the global community while raising awareness of peace among the general public.

For the full statement, please visit HWPL’s official website at

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