Gadsby Wicks Triumphs in Case Following Substandard Laparoscopic Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Repair

Gadsby Wicks, a dedicated medical negligence firm serving Essex and East Anglia, has achieved a significant victory on behalf of their client who suffered surgical complications during an elective laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair.

The case was expertly led by Tony Mitty, a seasoned solicitor and Partner at Gadsby Wicks, who played a pivotal role in pursuing his client’s claim for surgical error and securing the answers and compensation they rightfully deserved.

The Case: The claimant, referred to as Mr. L to protect his identity, underwent an elective laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair and was discharged on the same day. However, during his journey home, Mr. L experienced severe pain and vomiting. He subsequently called an ambulance and was taken to a different hospital where it was discovered that he had suffered a perforated bowel during the initial procedure.

Emergency surgery was required to rectify this life-threatening situation, which proved successful. Nonetheless, Mr. L encountered further complications, including ileus, pneumonia, a wound infection, and a midline incisional hernia that necessitated additional surgical intervention. He also experienced a change in his bowel habits and a relapse of his pre-existing bipolar affective disorder, alongside post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from the ordeal.

The Claim: Mr. L pursued his claim based on the assertion that the initial surgery was performed below acceptable standards. Investigation by Mr. Mitty and Gadsby Wicks revealed that the bowel was perforated when a trocar, a common surgical instrument, was inserted. This critical error had not been identified before the surgery concluded.

Had the procedure been performed without this error, Mr. L would have experienced a full and swift recovery, sparing him the physical and emotional suffering that followed his surgery.

The Result: The defendants in Mr. L’s case admitted liability in the protocol Letter of Response, leading to a settlement during mediation before legal proceedings were initiated.

This resolution allowed Mr. L to attain justice and compensation for the challenges he endured, along with obtaining answers about the events that transpired, ultimately enabling him to move forward from this trying period.

Tony Mitty, the solicitor overseeing this case, remarked, “Although compensation cannot undo the harm my client experienced, we are pleased to have helped him and his family secure the settlement he was rightly owed.”

He further added, “It is a great privilege to have been able to provide some comfort and closure to my client during this time. It is my hope that this result also helps to prevent similar outcomes occurring to others in the future.”

Gadsby Wicks remains dedicated to securing justice for clients who have experienced surgical complications, as the firm continues to see a significant surge in medical negligence claims over the past 12 months.

About Gadsby Wicks: Gadsby Wicks Solicitors, established in 1993, is the sole specialist medical negligence firm in Essex and East Anglia. Each year, they assist individuals in claiming millions in compensation for delayed treatment, medical misdiagnosis, birth injuries, surgical complications, and more.

With an extensive level of legal and clinical expertise within their team of medical negligence solicitors, Gadsby Wicks is regarded as one of the top firms in their field. They tirelessly support their clients through the most challenging and intricate circumstances, with an impressive 96% of their cases settling outside of court.

Notably, Gadsby Wicks is the first firm in England to have two or more lawyers accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), and Managing Partner Gillian Gadsby serves on the Clinical Negligence Specialist Panel for Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA).

For more information, visit their website at or contact their team at 01245 494929.

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