Adv. Doron Levy Discusses the Impact of Class Action Lawsuits on Justice

In a thought-provoking interview, Lawyer Doron Levy, a respected name in the legal field and head of the Class Action Department at Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co., recently highlighted the critical role of class action lawsuits in providing justice against formidable corporations or entities.

Adv. Levy, renowned for his expertise in tax-related class action lawsuits, expounded on the significant effect these collective legal pursuits can have. He emphasized, “In class action lawsuits, insignificant amounts add up to huge sums,” illustrating the power of unity in legal actions against large corporations.

Adv. Levy shared his perspective: “It makes no sense for an individual to file a claim against a large entity for a small amount, but collectively, the sums can reach tens of millions of shekels and even more. A class action lawsuit is a powerful mechanism where individuals unite to represent all those harmed by the actions of a particular entity. In the realm of class actions, cumulative damages, even if seemingly small on an individual level, can amass to substantial sums, providing a compelling case for justice.”

Adv. Levy recalled a significant case against Israel Electric Corporation, where a seemingly trivial overcharge per kilowatt-hour led to a claim amounting to 10 billion shekels in total. This instance serves as a testament to the efficacy of class action lawsuits.

He also pointed out the challenges and opportunities in these lawsuits: “Managing a diverse group of plaintiffs with different interests poses a challenge, but we can generally find common ground. The power of the law in defending citizens’ rights is exemplified by our ability to navigate through challenges and bring about justice through class action lawsuits.”

Class actions against the state have been possible since 2006, with limitations. Levy notes, “Class actions against the state play a vital role, particularly in areas such as tax collection and mandatory payments not collected in accordance with the law.”

On the topic of settlements and legal approval, Levy states, “Settlements can be reached involving partial payments or the cessation of wrongful behavior by the defendant. It’s essential to highlight that any agreement reached must undergo court scrutiny and approval to become legally binding.”

Adv. Levy concludes, “The ability to file class action lawsuits illustrates the power of the law in defending citizens’ rights. This legal avenue ensures that even giant corporations, with abundant resources, are not above the law and are constantly under scrutiny.”

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