Earth Village Events Expands Its Reach, Offering Stretch Tent Hire Services Across More UK Counties and Cities

Earth Village Events, a prominent stretch tent hire company based in the UK, is excited to announce the expansion of its service coverage, bringing its innovative stretch tents to clients in a wider range of counties and cities across the United Kingdom. Founded by Alex Noferi, the company has rapidly established itself as a preferred choice for individuals and event planners seeking exceptional outdoor venues.

With a strong passion for crafting extraordinary outdoor experiences, Earth Village Events has positioned itself as a leading provider of stretch tents known for their versatility and sophistication. These tents have graced various occasions, from weddings and private gatherings to corporate events and festivals, leaving a lasting impression on clients and attendees alike.

This strategic expansion underscores Earth Village Events’ unswerving dedication to offering top-tier services to clients all over the UK. By extending its service areas, the company aims to meet the growing demand for distinctive outdoor venues, effectively transforming ordinary spaces into exceptional ones.

“At Earth Village Events, we firmly believe that extraordinary events deserve equally extraordinary venues,” affirms Alex Noferi, the company’s founder and CEO. “As we broaden our reach, we’re thrilled to extend our stretch tent hire services to a broader audience, enabling them to craft unforgettable memories in breathtaking outdoor settings.”

Earth Village Events’ stretch tents are renowned for their adaptability, allowing them to be erected on various terrains such as gardens, beaches, and open fields. These tents can be tailored to suit any space, creating an enchanting ambiance that seamlessly complements the event’s theme and style.

Typical customers who have turned to Earth Village Events for their occasions include couples in search of a distinctive and picturesque backdrop for their dream weddings, hosts aiming to captivate their guests with a stylish and weather-resistant venue, and corporate event organisers striving to make a lasting impact on clients and colleagues.

The company’s steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction has garnered them a devoted client base, and their expansion to new counties and cities reflects their resolve to reach more event planners seeking remarkable outdoor venues.

With the expanded service coverage, Earth Village Events is now well-equipped to cater to clients in prominent UK counties and cities, including but not limited to London, Berkshire, Bristol, Bath and South West England, South Wales, and Oxfordshire.

Event organisers and individuals interested in Earth Village Events’ stretch tent hire services can find them at 31 Rousham Road, Bristol, BS5 6XW, or get in touch via phone at 07533 001780 or email at For more information, please visit their website at

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