Trendwatch: Country-Style Living Rooms with a Twist – Designing Around Chesterfield Sofas

Investing in a Chesterfield sofa is an enduring choice that will be cherished and passed down through generations in your family. To achieve the perfect country-style living room with a modern twist, here are the top three suggestions for decorating around a Chesterfield sofa:

  1. Embrace Neutrals: For a modern farmhouse feel, opt for a neutral-colored Chesterfield sofa in shades of grey, oatmeal, or beige. Create a welcoming ambiance by layering the sofa with neutral cushions and shawls. Extend the neutral color scheme to accessories like wooden shelves and coffee tables. Adding indoor plants enhances the natural and breezy accents. Alternatively, a light, neutral sofa can act as a balanced element against a vibrant background. Consider light wall colors like mint green or sage to evoke a calm and elegant atmosphere.

The Drummond Chesterfield sofa or the Melville are perfect choices to achieve this look.

  1. Industrial Touch on Classic Schemes: Infuse a modern and fresh aesthetic by juxtaposing a traditional Chesterfield sofa with industrial design elements. Pair the sofa with an angular, eye-catching coffee table made of wood and metal to highlight their unique design features. Alternatively, embrace the harmony between traditional and industrial styles by exposing surfaces like stone walls and embracing raw finishes.
  2. Pop of Colour: While country design typically leans towards a neutral color palette, you can introduce vibrant accents to add life to your living room. Dress up a neutral Chesterfield sofa with contrasting colors through bold cushions in vivacious blue velvet or bright florals. To achieve a modern country aesthetic, anchor these vibrant hues with a neutral base, such as the wall color. Bring a touch of farmhouse style by incorporating a wooden coffee table to tie the whole look together.

Explore the full range of stunning sofa designs here, and now, Distinctive Chesterfields designs are also available on the US site.

Designing a country-style living room around a Chesterfield sofa allows you to blend tradition with a fresh and contemporary flair, creating a space that exudes timeless charm and sophistication.

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