Surge in Demand for Home Cleaning Services in the UK During 2024

The home cleaning market in the UK is experiencing a dynamic upswing in 2024, with a significant push from the under-35s homeowners. About 40% of this demographic are now opting for professional cleaning services, markedly higher than the 15% seen in other age groups. This growth is spurred by the increasing adoption of remote work and an intensified focus on hygiene following the Covid-19 pandemic, which have collectively escalated the demand for residential cleaning.

Historically, the inclination to hire cleaning services has been rising, propelled by an ageing population and a notable uptick in under-35 homeowners seeking such services. Over the last decade, there has been a distinct shift in the spending habits of this age group, increasingly prioritising services that not only improve the quality of life but also augment leisure time.

The reshaping of the home cleaning demand landscape can also be attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has increased home occupancy rates due to more widespread remote work. This change has led to homes requiring more regular maintenance. Furthermore, the pandemic has heightened public consciousness about cleanliness and hygiene, which has, in turn, given a boost to the cleaning industry.

Despite the economic headwinds like the cost-of-living crisis in 2023, the home cleaning sector remains robust. Andrew Watton, Managing Director of Diamond Home Support, remarked on the sector’s resilience, saying, “Dust still settles in a recession.” He noted that there has been a considerable rise in spending on home cleaning services, which have increased by nearly 50% in the last six years, outstripping growth in many other industries.

Watton further commented, “What we have observed over the last decade is a consistent elevation in the priority that households place on cleaning services. Where once considered a luxury, professional home cleaning is now deemed essential by an increasing number of homeowners.”

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