Eco-Luxury Brand Unveils Four New Home Fragrances for the Autumn-Winter 2023 Season

Aluxury, a prominent name in the realm of bespoke home fragrances, is delighted to introduce its latest collection of four  electric diffuser oil fragrances for the AW23 season. Painstakingly crafted to capture the essence of the season, these fragrances promise to enhance the sensory ambiance of homes throughout the UK.

These innovative fragrances have been carefully designed to harmonise seamlessly with Aluxury’s renowned Nebula oil diffuser, providing users with an immersive olfactory experience. The four fragrances set to launch are:

1. Nightfall Jasmine Fragrance Oil: A captivating blend that mirrors the mystique of the night. The fragrance begins with invigorating pear notes, transitioning into a blossoming heart where jasmine intertwines with an array of florals. The base notes, featuring vanilla musk and earthy vetiver, evoke the velvety ambiance of dusk.

2. Dusk Solace Fragrance Oil: Capturing the serene essence of twilight, this fragrance opens with a fusion of radiant citrus, leading into a warm, floral core. The fragrance culminates in a luxurious blend of musk, vanilla, and the comforting warmth of tonka.

3. Citrus Woods Fragrance Oil: An enchanting composition that marries zesty citrus with a touch of rich chocolate, revealing an aromatic heart complemented by the depth of guaiacwood. The fragrance settles into a soothing embrace of vanilla, moss, and caramel.

4. Dark Enigma Fragrance Oil: An embodiment of intrigue, Dark Enigma begins with the warmth of tobacco and honey, enhanced by zesty citrus notes. The heart boasts a rich tapestry of tobacco and sandalwood, culminating in a harmonious base of amber and tonka bean.

Andrew Gaugler, Founder of Aluxury, remarked, “These new fragrances are a testament to Aluxury’s commitment to creating immersive, sensory experiences.”

The latest fragrances are now available for purchase throughout the UK. To explore Aluxury’s comprehensive range of fragrance products, including their electric diffuser collection, and to obtain further information, please visit

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