Woman’s Relaxing Getaway Turns into Nightmare as Sun Poisoning Leaves Her Unrecognisable

A woman’s much-anticipated holiday turned into a nightmare when she experienced severe sun poisoning, resulting in a severely swollen and unrecognisable face. Abbie Leverseidge, from Northampton, flew to Lanzarote with her boyfriend, looking forward to enjoying some time in the sun. However, on the second day of their trip, disaster struck as Abbie suffered a severe sunburn, leading to facial swelling and the development of sun poisoning symptoms.

As the holiday progressed, Abbie’s condition worsened, forcing her to hide her face and endure significant discomfort. Even her friends compared her appearance to Lenny from Shark Tale due to the extreme reaction. Abbie expressed her embarrassment, sharing, “I had to eat dinner with a hat and sunglasses on—I refused to take them off so nobody could see my face.”

The 22-year-old graduate graphic designer’s holiday plans were disrupted as she couldn’t be in direct sunlight and had to abstain from consuming alcohol. She also experienced anxiety after researching online and realizing the potential severity of sun poisoning. Abbie recounted her fear, saying, “I didn’t know when it would stop or how bad it would get.”

Abbie initially noticed the problem after returning from a waterpark, observing slight redness on her face. However, blisters soon appeared on her forehead, and her nose began leaking fluid. Concerned about the swelling, she sought help from a local chemist who provided cream and antibiotics.

The couple’s return flight was also canceled, prolonging Abbie’s exposure to the sun and exacerbating her symptoms. Despite trying to stay in the shade, her recovery was delayed, and the swelling only subsided after a few days.

Grateful for her improvement upon returning home, Abbie now aims to raise awareness about sun poisoning. She emphasized the importance of sun protection and the potential consequences of neglecting one’s skin. Abbie shared her story, stressing, “Getting a tan is great, but it’s not worth having a swollen face and having to walk around in a hat and sunglasses constantly.”

By sharing her experience, Abbie hopes to encourage people to prioritize sun safety, reapply sunscreen regularly, and take appropriate measures to protect their skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

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