Woman Shares Her “Lazy” Method for Losing Over a Stone in Three Weeks with Four Simple Rules

Norah Harts, a 25-year-old woman from Atlanta, Georgia, has shared her successful “lazy” weight loss method that helped her shed over a stone (15lbs) in just three weeks. Her tips, which focus on straightforward lifestyle changes, have gone viral on TikTok, garnering over 670,000 views and 65,000 likes. Norah believes her approach is ideal for those not enjoying traditional gym workouts.

Norah’s “lazy” weight loss method revolves around four simple rules:

  • No Alcohol
  • No Fast Food
  • Stay Hydrated with Plenty of Water
  • Find an Easy and Enjoyable Way to Stay Active

Instead of resorting to restrictive diets, intense exercise regimes, or setting unrealistic expectations, Norah emphasizes the effectiveness of these basic lifestyle adjustments.

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Norah chose to take up running, finding a passion for morning runs as her way to stay active. She believes that her approach promotes overall physical and mental well-being by encouraging mindfulness about daily consumption habits.

She explains, “Every small lifestyle change I’ve made has helped significantly, and even just cutting out alcohol, I noticed a huge difference in how bloated I was, and even my facial structure is less inflamed.”

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Norah has found that these small changes are more sustainable and enjoyable than traditional weight loss methods that may involve calorie counting, unsatisfying meal plans, long gym hours, and constant scale monitoring. To her, weight loss is about adopting a happy, healthy lifestyle and maintaining a positive mental state.

Since starting this “lazy” weight loss approach, Norah claims to have lost 15lbs in just three weeks. She has experienced improved self-confidence, more energy, and a better overall outlook on her own body.

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TikTok users have embraced Norah’s weight loss approach, finding it inspiring and relatable. Many have shared their weight loss journeys and expressed their admiration for her honest and achievable method.

Norah’s story serves as a reminder that sustainable weight loss can be achieved through simple, practical lifestyle changes that prioritize overall well-being and happiness.


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