Woman Forced to Remove Breast Implant After Sepsis, Faces Body Shaming But Embraces New Look

A woman who underwent a life-threatening experience due to sepsis has revealed that people often “point, stare, and laugh” at her body after she was forced to remove a breast implant.

Nikki Belza, a 39-year-old cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, made headlines when she shared her near-death experience caused by a strep infection that led to sepsis in her breast tissue.

Having spent a total of £18,000 on multiple breast augmentations in her twenties, Nikki had to have one implant removed to save her life. She lived with one breast for four months before undergoing four chest reconstruction operations in 2018.

Although she loves her new body, Nikki faces judgment and ridicule, primarily from women, while working at a pool in a bikini.

“Every single day, I have people staring, pointing, laughing, taking pictures of me, and making fun of me because of my new breasts,” Nikki said in an interview with NeedToKnow.co.uk.

She finds it ironic that those who mock her are often wearing shirts with slogans about acceptance and love. Nikki has confronted such individuals and even asked them to Google her, which immediately silences them.

Nikki’s life has drastically changed since her life-threatening ordeal, and she now prioritizes her health. She has sworn off plastic surgery for good and prefers her current look.

“I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, and I’ll probably never get plastic surgery again,” she stated. While her surgeon suggested one more reconstructive procedure for aesthetic purposes, Nikki declined, valuing her life, body, and overall well-being.

Instead, she has embraced a new lifestyle focused on fitness. Previously, Nikki never went to the gym and made fun of the idea of working out. However, she now exercises up to five days a week, walks seven miles while working each day, and has quit alcohol.

Since adopting a healthier lifestyle, Nikki has achieved a six-pack within three months, which she considers her best decision ever. She is even contemplating becoming a personal trainer to help others struggling with weight-related issues and infections like sepsis.

Nikki is now in a healthy relationship with someone who shares her alcohol-free and fitness-oriented lifestyle. She emphasizes that life is full of new beginnings and encourages others to start over whenever they feel necessary.

In conclusion, despite facing body shaming and judgment, Nikki has embraced her new look and prioritized her health and well-being, leading to positive transformations in her life.

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