Warning: Woman’s Harrowing Experience with Anti-Ageing Filler

A routine appointment for anti-ageing filler turned into a nightmare for Izzy Anaya, a 43-year-old content creator and housewife from New York, US. Unaware of the impending disaster, she scheduled an appointment for eye fillers, expecting a regular cosmetic enhancement.

However, within a mere 24 hours after the filler was injected, Izzy’s skin felt ablaze, as she discovered she had an allergic reaction to the substance. The fillers caused her extreme discomfort, appearing as a conspicuous rash on her skin.

As if that were not enough, within two days of the procedure, she endured the devastating consequences of necrosis, where tissue around the edges of her nose began to die. The excruciating pain and permanent scarring that followed left her in distress.

Speaking about her ordeal, Izzy warned others of the dangers associated with such procedures, stating, “It’s all fun and games until your face starts falling off.”

Alarmed by the situation, she sought immediate help from a plastic surgeon she knew, who promptly dissolved the fillers and prescribed steroids to aid in the healing process. Additionally, Izzy underwent treatment in a hyperbaric chamber to assist her body’s recovery, but sadly, necrosis remains irreversible.

Although the salon that administered the fillers offered assistance in dissolving and redoing the procedure, Izzy declined the offer, having already endured a traumatic experience.

The vigilant efforts of the plastic surgeon managed to prevent visible scarring on Izzy’s face, offering a glimmer of relief amidst the ordeal.

Following her distressing experience, Izzy has abandoned fillers altogether and now opts for PDO threading, a less invasive procedure that utilizes dissolving threads to tighten and lift facial areas.

Sharing her story on TikTok, Izzy garnered substantial attention, with viewers expressing empathy and concern for her well-being. Many praised her courage in revealing the potential risks of fillers, emphasizing the importance of awareness.

Reflecting on her journey, Izzy now wholeheartedly advises against using fillers, cautioning others against the procedure. She urges those contemplating filler treatments to reconsider, as her personal experiences with migratory fillers and necrosis serve as stark reminders of the potential hazards associated with such interventions.

In the face of adversity, Izzy’s determination to share her story and protect others from similar misfortunes stands as a testament to her resilience and altruism.

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