TikTok Doctor Reveals Startling Link Between Oral Sex and Throat Cancer, Highlighting Men’s Higher Risk

Dr. Daria Sadovskaya, a 29-year-old nephrologist (kidney expert) with seven years of medical experience, has taken to TikTok to uncover a shocking connection between oral sex and throat cancer.

Dr Sadovskaya, who shares her medical insights and health facts with her 90,000 followers on TikTok (@sadoskaya_doctor), recently grabbed headlines by explaining why it’s essential to tie your hair up when using the toilet to prevent contact with faecal matter, safeguarding your skin.

In her latest video, which has garnered over 141,000 views, Dr. Sadovskaya uncovers the unsettling link between oral sex and throat cancer. However, the situation is more complex than it appears.

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The link revolves around the HPV (human papillomavirus) infection, which can be transmitted to the throat through oral sex, potentially leading to oropharyngeal cancer.

Dr Sadovskaya, based in Singapore, explains, “Men are more susceptible to developing throat cancer when performing oral sex on women because women are more likely to carry the virus in their genital area.”

She continues, “Women who engage in oral sex can also be at risk, particularly if their partners have an oral HPV infection. However, women are more commonly infected with high-risk HPV strains through vaginal or cervical contact, which can lead to cervical cancer.”

The doctor outlines various symptoms of oropharyngeal cancer, such as chronic bad breath, persistent throat, neck or ear pain, and difficulty swallowing. Other symptoms include blood in saliva, breathing difficulties, voice changes, persistent cough, and a lump in the neck.

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To prevent such risks, Dr Sadovskaya suggests options like getting HPV vaccination to guard against HPV-related cancers, undergoing regular HPV screenings and check-ups for early detection and treatment, and practising safe sex by using condoms.

Dr Daria’s video has garnered a range of reactions from her followers, with some undeterred. In contrast, others appreciate the reduced risk due to their sexual orientation and some expressing support for her health advice.


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