Prof. Gordon Mackay’s Pioneering InternalBrace Surgery: A New Dawn in Treating ACL Injuries in Women’s Football

In the fast-evolving field of sports medicine, Prof. Gordon Mackay emerges as a beacon of innovation, especially in the treatment of ACL injuries. With his pioneering InternalBrace ligament repair system, Prof. Mackay has significantly advanced the management of such injuries. A new mini-documentary, focusing on the prevalence of ACL injuries in women’s football, offers an in-depth look at the transformative effects of Prof. Mackay’s surgical breakthroughs on the lives of professional female footballers.

Entitled “An Epidemic in Women’s Football?,” the documentary navigates through the myriad challenges faced by female footballers encountering ACL ruptures. Through intimate interviews with several professionals in the sport, the documentary reveals the profound physical and emotional impacts of these injuries, alongside the recovery process.

This documentary distinguishes itself by juxtaposing traditional ACL reconstruction methods against the novel InternalBrace surgery, illustrating a shift towards quicker recovery periods and expedited returns to the field for players undergoing the latter.

Prof. Mackay expressed his intent behind the documentary, stating, “We wanted to shed light on the advancements in ACL injury treatment, particularly in the realm of women’s football. We feel it is important to show how research is ongoing into these injuries and that innovation is changing the game for athletes.”

Further enriching the documentary is Prof. Kate Webster from La Trobe University, Melbourne, a renowned researcher in ACL injuries in sports, who contributes her insights into factors such as the age of female athletes and re-rupture rates.

Prof. Mackay highlighted the significance of the InternalBrace in combating ACL injuries, particularly within women’s football: “For too long, ACL injuries have been a significant hurdle for athletes, particularly in women’s football. With the InternalBrace, we’re able to offer a more effective and efficient patient solution, allowing players to get back to what they love faster, in fact, the InternalBrace has the potential to halve recovery.”

He further noted, “Our latest research 5-year results also show that the InternalBrace method reduces the rate of re-rupture by 90%.”

“An Epidemic in Women’s Football?” merges personal stories, expert opinions, and advanced medical innovations, providing viewers with comprehensive insights into the world of ACL injuries and the hope that new treatments bring. This documentary is a must-watch for anyone connected to the realm of sports injuries.

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