Piers Day Launches Innovative Mental Health Support Service Post-COVID

Piers Day, a distinguished coach, counselor, and therapist, celebrates thirty years of commitment to mental health and well-being. Known for assisting individuals in overcoming dark thoughts, low self-esteem, and depression, Piers has unveiled a pioneering service to help people return to work after extended mental health-related absences.

With a commendable 25-year career in coaching and counseling, Piers Day has played a crucial role in saving lives and fostering recovery for numerous individuals and their families. He has effectively employed a mix of therapies, including hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and meditation, to provide support through remote sessions and in-person consultations.

Piers’ mission in mental health and suicide prevention was sparked in 1992 by the tragic loss of a friend to depression. This personal experience, along with the loss of two other acquaintances, galvanised his dedication to understanding mental health and preventing such tragedies.

Pivoting from a 20-year career in London’s property industry, Piers embarked on a journey through the field of mental health in 1992. He studied at the Cambridge College of Hypnotherapy and travelled globally to master various therapeutic techniques. Investing over £100,000 in education and personal development, Piers gained numerous diplomas and expertise.

Today, Piers is recognised as a symbol of hope, having devoted his career to changing mindsets and educating on alternatives to medication for mental health recovery. He continues to teach methods to combat depression and dark thoughts.

In a period where work-related stress, depression, and anxiety accounted for millions of lost workdays in the UK, Piers stresses the importance of professional mental health support.

Piers states, “With the right assistance, anyone can overcome depression, and I remain steadfast in my commitment to providing the necessary support. As I celebrate three decades of transformative work, I look ahead to continuing my mission of making a positive impact on mental health and well-being.”

For more information about Piers Day’s latest support services, visit piersday.com.

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