Nurturing Health with Vegan Vitality Coaching: A Path to Eco-Friendly and Plant-Forward Living

Vanda Bowles is leading a wellness renaissance with her creation, Vegan Vitality Coaching, guiding individuals towards a lifestyle rich in holistic practices, plant-based eating, and environmentally mindful choices. This innovative coaching service is enabling clients to reach their ultimate health and mental wellbeing goals.

Transitioning from her high-stakes role as an Executive Assistant in the finance sector, Vanda embarked on a journey to holistic health after enduring a decade of severe digestive issues, skin problems, and bloating. Determined to find an alternative to her corporate existence and health woes, she sought a new direction.

Inspired by her personal transformation and a dedication to holistic principles, Vanda founded Vegan Vitality Coaching with the aim of steering individuals away from conventional healthcare methods towards a natural, vegan way of life. Her coaching and educational initiatives support clients in adopting a lifestyle free from plastics, harmful chemicals, and animal derivatives, directly addressing their health concerns.

Vanda’s dedication to offering the utmost in client care and expertise is evident in her investment of over £17,000 in her own training and business development, as well as her Udemy Business qualifications in Inflammation, Microbiome Gut Health, and Herbalism. Preferring the fruits of her own allotment and organic options to supermarket offerings, Vanda lives by the principles of sustainable and mindful living.

The effectiveness of her approach is reflected in the transformative experiences of her clients, who have surmounted chronic ailments and discomfort. By addressing the fundamental causes of their health issues through a holistic approach, clients have witnessed significant improvements in their physical and mental wellbeing.

From addressing distressing digestive issues to alleviating sleep disturbances and enhancing social life, Vegan Vitality Coaching serves as a vital resource for those seeking a natural, medication-free method to health restoration. Through exploratory conversations and customised coaching plans, Vanda equips her clients with the necessary information and tools to rejuvenate their health and energy.

Vegan Vitality Coaching is committed to empowering change and redefining how individuals view their health. Promoting a unique stance on eradicating household chemicals and plastics, coupled with a plant-based diet and gut health optimisation, Vegan Vitality Coaching presents a comprehensive and sustainable approach to wellness.

For expert nutritional advice and eco-conscious lifestyle tips, get in touch at or via Instagram DM @vegan_vitalitycoaching.

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