New Online Platform for Eating Disorder Support Launched by Mind Food Body

Hanna Longstaff, a seasoned binge-eating and bulimia recovery coach, has proudly announced the launch of a groundbreaking online program, “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap.” Founder of Mind Food Body Ltd, Hanna brings her proprietary MFB METHOD to provide simple, fast and effective results for those seeking a sustainable solution to tackle binge-eating difficulties.

Since the successful launch of the business in August, which garnered significant attention and immediately attracted five coaching clients, Mind Food Body Ltd has become a go-to resource for executives and those in busy corporate lifestyles seeking transformational coaching.

Hanna Longstaff’s journey is a testament to the effectiveness of her methods. Her personal struggle with binge-eating began in January 1990, during a challenging period of maternity leave. Over the years, Hanna faced the detrimental effects of binge eating on her health and well-being. By October 2010, on the eve of her 50th birthday, she realised the need for a radical change and embarked on a personal development journey.

Hanna’s commitment to overcoming her challenges led her to invest over £50,000 in courses, training, and empowerment events, including learning from renowned figures like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Bob Proctor, and Marisa Peer. It was during a transformative moment with Marisa Peer in 2013 that Hanna grasped the power of subconscious programming in overcoming challenges like binge-eating and bulimia.

The results speak for themselves. Hanna successfully escaped the binge-eating trap in 2016, leading her to channel all her energy into creating the “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap” program. This program, set to launch in January 2024, is designed to provide individuals with a resource they can reference at their convenience, reaching and helping more people with fewer live coaching hours.

Hanna Longstaff shares her belief that if she can overcome binge-eating, others can too, and with her guidance, they can do it quickly and easily. The program aims to help individuals reclaim joy in their lives by focusing on what truly matters.

Hanna explains, “If I can do it, you can do it too, and with my help, clients can do it the quick and easy way, rather than the long and painful way like I did.”

For those ready to break free from the binge-eating trap FOR GOOD, Hanna Longstaff invites you to join the “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap” program launching in January 2024. Visit

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