Muscle Mommy: The Bodybuilder Who Leaves Men in Awe as She Walks By

Julia Rene, a bodybuilder and content creator, has garnered a significant online following with her remarkable physique, often leaving men stunned as they encounter her in public. Julia competes in bodybuilding contests across the United States and frequently shares insights from her life with her fans on social media. A recent video clip in which she humorously portrays the reactions of men to her muscular physique has garnered significant attention, with 834,000 views.

Julia explains that in public, people often stare, do double-takes, or whisper to their friends upon seeing her, particularly her well-defined muscles. She takes these reactions as compliments and has become accustomed to the attention.

Julia’s dedication to bodybuilding is evident in her workout routine, which consists of five days a week. Three of these days are dedicated to lower-body workouts, while the other two focus on her upper body.

In her viral video, Julia playfully shares her favourite part of being a professional bodybuilder, which involves passing groups of men on the street. She mimics the astonished expressions men make when they see her and showcases her muscles with pride.


The post has received over 140,000 likes and numerous comments from impressed users. Fans and followers praise her dedication to fitness and her impressive physique, often referring to her as a “muscle mommy.”

Julia’s unique blend of humour, confidence, and passion for bodybuilding has earned her a dedicated online following and a reputation as a “muscle mommy” who leaves a lasting impression on those who encounter her.

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