Mum on a Mission: Optimising 100,000 Brains to Transform 100,000 Lives

Natural Brain Solutions, a trailblazing organisation in the field of brain health optimisation, has set an ambitious goal to optimise 100,000 brains and thereby transform 100,000 lives.

The initiative is spearheaded by founder Patty Tashiro, following her transformative personal experience, which saw her help her daughter recover from a traumatic brain injury. In March 2016, following a high-speed collision caused by street racers, which left her husband and daughter severely injured, Tashiro faced the harsh reality of her daughter’s subdural hematoma and persistent post-concussive symptoms. Dissatisfied with the conventional medical approaches that offered little hope, she embarked on a determined quest to heal her daughter, against the backdrop of doctors’ grim prognoses.

Fuelled by her daughter’s recovery, Tashiro was driven to demystify brain health, transforming it from a well-kept secret into a straightforward regimen. This commitment led her to qualify as a certified brain health trainer via Dr. Daniel Amen’s comprehensive programme.

Natural Brain Solutions, founded by Tashiro in 2022, extends support globally through virtual consultations, offering aid to individuals grappling with various brain health challenges, including concerns about cognitive decline in mid-life. The company promotes a holistic approach to wellness, underpinned by its N.A.T.U.R.A.L. philosophy, encompassing Nutrition & Supplements, Assessments & Aspirations, Toxins & Tools, Ultra-team & Specialists, Rest & Rejuvenation, Activity & Movement, and Lifestyle & Learning.

The centrepiece of Natural Brain Solutions’ approach is the Natural Brain Solutions Academy, a vibrant platform that equips individuals to maximise their cognitive potential through advanced assessments, expert insights, and practical strategies.

Reflecting on her journey from adversity to empowerment, Tashiro remains dedicated to broadening access to transformative brain health practices, asserting, “If your brain isn’t working for you, it’s working against you. Everyone has a right to feel their best and be their best. And that starts with a simple, methodical plan to optimise the organ that runs your life: Your brain.”

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