Mother Loses 14 Stones After Turkey Surgery and Reconnects with Her Kids

Lauren Evens, a 30-year-old mother of two from Chester, embarked on a remarkable journey to transform her life by losing 14 stone after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. Her incredible weight loss journey improved her physical health. It allowed her to be more active and present for her children, Reese, nine, and Lottie, seven.

Lauren’s weight struggles began in childhood when she turned to food for comfort after her father’s tragic passing. She faced bullying in school, being taunted as a “fat dancer.” She was even enrolled in a ‘fat camp’ at nine years old focused on diet and exercise.

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Lauren’s relationship with food worsened as she grew older, and her confidence plummeted. She faced health issues that resulted in frequent hospital visits. By the time she was 29, Lauren weighed in at her heaviest, 23st 11lbs, and found it challenging to keep up with her active children.

Realizing that her weight was affecting her mental and physical health, Lauren decided to take action. She came across a video about gastric sleeve surgery on social media. She decided to undergo the procedure in Turkey in February 2022, investing £2,000 in her health.

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Supported by her family, friends, and partner Hannah, Lauren underwent the surgery successfully and has since lost over 14 stone. She described the surgery as “the best thing I have ever done” and experienced no adverse side effects.

The transformation improved Lauren’s physical health and boosted her confidence and self-esteem. She embraced a more active lifestyle, participating in pole dancing and hiking. Her children appreciated having a healthier and more active mum who could play with them in soft play areas and enjoy family outings.

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Lauren’s partner, Hannah, supported her throughout the journey and admired her resilience and determination. Lauren expressed her joy at having decided to prioritize her health and future.

Her story inspires others struggling with weight issues, encouraging them to take positive steps towards better health and happiness.


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