Man’s Hickey Leads to Staph Infection, Sparking Disgust and Shock on Social Media

A man’s shocking revelation about a hickey turning into a staph infection has left social media users both disgusted and amazed.

Cam Pelicon, a 19-year-old gymnast from Australia, noticed unusual bruising on his neck while working out at the gym. Initially dismissing it as a bug bite, he soon realized the situation was more serious when the bruise transformed into a painful spot resembling ringworm.

Cam decided to share his harrowing experience on TikTok (@pelicamm), where it garnered over five million views. Speaking with, Cam recounted the ordeal:

“At first, I wasn’t too worried; I just thought it could’ve been a bug bite. After a week passed, it started to begin to look like ringworm and my neck began to feel really stiff. Then, I noticed it looked like a spot but it was more painful than usual and little movements such as turning my head too fast would cause so much pain. I didn’t think too much into it until it started progressively getting worse.”

Upon seeking medical help, Cam was informed that he had a staph infection, a condition that can be triggered by hickeys. He eventually realized that this was likely the cause, having received a hickey not long before.

Cam’s video, which chronicles the infection’s progression from its initial stages to the eventual recovery, has amassed over 716,000 likes and numerous comments from shocked viewers.

Cam now warns others to exercise caution when it comes to hickeys, despite admitting that he continues to receive them himself. He advises, “Only give and receive hickeys from someone that you know and trust, such as a partner.”

The pictures in the video show the transformation of the infection, starting with a small bruise and spot that evolves into a large circle on Cam’s neck. The infection progresses to a more severe stage, filled with pus and appearing bright red.

Comments from viewers showcase their astonishment and unease, with many expressing their newfound concerns about hickeys.

While Cam’s ordeal is unique, it serves as a reminder of the potential health risks associated with seemingly harmless actions.

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