Home Care Advisory Group: Simplified Homecare Solutions for Discharge Planners and Patients

Homecare is often a decision made from a hospital bed. Once the decision for discharge is made and is underway, the next steps may be the most crucial in the patient’s wellness journey. This is the point when a seamless shift to the next phase of care is begun, with immediate attention placed on issues like appointments, necessary equipment, and the level of support needed to ensure expected outcomes.

What strategies have been discussed with the discharge planner?

Literally, where does the patient go from here?

Discharge Possibilities

The patient’s physician, with assistance from the discharge planner, will establish the ultimate discharge strategy during the planning process. This chosen strategy will closely align with the patient’s specific medical condition, the recommendations of the healthcare team, and the patient’s preferences.

The patient’s needs and circumstances will inform the next steps, with common strategies including:

  • Home Discharge
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Assisted Living or Nursing Homes
  • Transitional Care Units
  • Hospice Care
  • Home Healthcare Services
  • Follow-Up Appointments

The discharge planner collaborates with healthcare professionals and the patient to decide the most suitable and secure options after discharge.

Transitioning Into Homecare

An aging population and the rise of chronic disease are two of the main factors for the rising popularity of In-Home Care services as the preferred choice for patients seeking to age in place or recover on their own terms. The decision may be easier than the follow through, unless expert homecare services are available – and they Are.

Home Care Advisory Group is just a call or a few clicks away from getting the patient back in their own home with top-tier caregivers tending to their needs. Certified Senior Care Advisors will guide clients through every weighty decision on the path to comfort and dignity – for FREE.

After HCAG confirms the patient’s eligibility for services, submitting the application is the next step in the personalized plan to deliver the care and resources needed to address the patient’s specific needs. If a discharge planner in New York City is seeking patient homecare assistance, Home Care Advisory Group is available to guide all parties through the homecare maze.

HCAG’s services include:

  • Completing and submitting Medicaid Applications
  • Pooled Income Trust options based on income
  • Help with Medicaid-Related Issues
  • In-Home Care Services for Medicare
  • In-Home Care Services for Medicaid
  • Getting Care while Medicaid application is processing
  • Private Pay Home Care choices

Completing and submitting Medicaid Applications: Discharge may reveal gaps in a patient’s insurance, so starting the Medicaid application process quickly is essential. HCAG’s Certified Senior Care Advisors can collect the needed paperwork from the hospital or facility to expedite processing.

Pooled Income Trust options based on income: Some Medicaid applicants earn more than the limit, but HCAG can still get patients the help they need swiftly. A pooled income trust is a way to access homecare services without spending down additional income.

Help with Medicaid-Related Issues: Wading through Medicaid problems is an unnecessary task for discharge planners. HCAG can work with Medicaid offices directly for updates, to resolve all issues to make discharge simpler for all involved.

In-Home Care Services for Medicare: Patients with Medicare coverage, including managed Medicare or Medicare Advantage, have homecare options. HCAG can work with Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs) to deliver care in most cases.

In-Home Care Services for Medicaid: Delivering homecare services to patients with Medicaid, or dual-eligible with Medicaid and Medicare, is now harder. HCAG works with Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs) and Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plans to arrange care prior to a patient’s discharge.

Getting Care while Medicaid application is processing: Patients in need of immediate homecare can receive Medicaid services while awaiting a final decision. Medicaid-covered homecare can be accessed during application review; however, the approval rate of pending Medicaid services varies. This can be a life-altering option when available.

Private Pay Home Care Services: Home Care Advisory Group works hard to get homecare services completely covered by insurance. If this is not possible, then private payment can be arranged.

Discharge Worries

Patients discharging from healthcare facilities have a lot on their minds and the technical aspects of insurance and homecare services need not be a main focus. Home Care Advisory Group and its service partners like Home Care For Adults are ready to take on that burden during a difficult time.

Once HCAG gets the preliminary steps completed, Home Care For Adults is frontline with patients and family, getting the non-medical home health care they need post-op. This trusted partner offers patients a wide array of homecare solutions to choose from to maintain respect, freedom, and dignity once back home.

While there are limitations on how much and for how long care is provided, there are options for every scenario. Let Home Care Advisory group take on that responsibility for FREE while you concentrate on recovering comfortably.

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