Game-Changing Bill: Texans on Track to Cut Medication Expenditure by Hundreds of Dollars

A promising bill making its way through the Texan legislative process could provide Texans with substantial savings on prescription drug costs. The Texas House has recently granted its enthusiastic endorsement to a proposal that would empower residents to buy specific prescription medications from Canada, their neighboring country.

The bill now moves on to the Texas Senate for deliberation and ultimate approval. Should the legislation successfully pass, it has the potential to help Texans keep hundreds of dollars in their pockets, alleviating the burden of exorbitant medication expenses that many have long struggled to bear.

Online pharmacies, like Canada Pharmacy, provide US citizens with medications in the same way any pharmacy shop does in person but for less money. Canada Pharmacy has revealed that other states looking into changing the rules on where residents can buy medications are Colorado and Florida. Colorado officials believe patients could save up to 65% on their medications. Florida has predicted their state agencies would save a massive $150 million.

New Mexico, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire have already passed similar programs.

With 40% of those aged over 65 taking more than five drugs a month for their illnesses, it is estimated that many could save up to $200 a month on their medications and some up to $900

A spokesman from Canada Pharmacy said: “The price of prescription drugs in the US is putting a huge strain on many household budgets. Patients who require expensive drugs every single month to help manage their health conditions could be saving up to 70% by ordering their prescriptions online from Canada.

“We are a CIPA certified pharmacy. Everyone who comes to us must have a prescription and every order is dispensed by a licensed pharmacist. The process is exactly as it would be if a customer was to go into a pharmacy store in the US, but a lot cheaper.

“Exactly the same drugs are being dispensed in Canada and Mexico, but US citizens are paying substantially more money for them. This has to be linked back to systemic reasons related to the US pharmaceutical industry, why else would there be such discrepancies in the prices?” he added.

Politicians who pushed for the bill said that it could save lives by reducing the cost of crucial medication for many Texans.

One EpiPen in the US costs $265, but Texans and other US residents could get it for $91 by ordering is from Canada.

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