Former Model Embraces Teaching After Discovering Strength in Naked Yoga

Jannica Klingborg, previously a global model for top fashion brands, has revealed her transformative journey from battling insecurities to finding empowerment, attributing her change to naked yoga. Having worked for elite labels like Calvin Klein and Armani, Klingborg faced challenges with body image and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Her turning point came with her involvement in naked yoga, which led to a significant transformation, prompting her to become a leading instructor at True Naked Yoga.

“Yoga is yoga no matter if you are wearing clothes or not,” Klingborg states, highlighting the sense of liberation she gains from the practice. Initially attracted to yoga for physical reasons, she soon discovered the mental and emotional relief it offered. “The practice began to unravel not only the knots in my body but also in my mind,” she explains.

Klingborg’s shift away from the fashion world towards a path of self-discovery through yoga has seen her become a full-time yoga teacher and Reiki healer. In 2020, she joined True Naked Yoga, where she now develops tutorials and teaches others seeking healing and empowerment through naked yoga.

Reflecting on her path, Klingborg notes, “Yoga saved me.” Her consistent practice has markedly improved her mental health, lifestyle choices, and life perspective, making her story a beacon of inspiration for those facing similar struggles, illustrating the profound impact yoga can have on self-acceptance and love.

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