Castle Rock Hormone Health Announces Three New Franchise Locations in Northern Colorado

The distinctive hormone health franchise, Castle Rock Hormone Health, has seen considerable expansion this year and is set to introduce four new franchises across Colorado.

Based in Colorado, Castle Rock Hormone Health is expanding its portfolio with the addition of three new sites. The franchise’s growth into the northern Colorado region is being spearheaded by franchise partner Dr. Brad Sisson, with new locations opening in South Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, and Greeley.

“Our team is excited to welcome Dr. Brad Sisson into the Castle Rock family. Dr. Sisson has been practicing medicine in northern Colorado for over 30 years and is excited to begin his journey with us in this quickly growing field. His dedication to the company is evident by his initial commitment to these three locations,” remarked Chief Executive Officer Chris Stolzman. “We are confident in everything Dr. Brad Sisson brings to the table and are looking forward to seeing these locations grow with him at the helm.”

This announcement of the northern Colorado territory follows closely after another announcement earlier this month regarding the franchise’s expansion, with a new Castle Rock Hormone Health location soon to open in Centennial, owned by franchisee Chris Logan.

“The entire franchise model gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest in a cutting-edge concept in the health industry,” Dr. Lee Moorer, Castle Rock’s Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of the brand with Stolzman, noted. Franchisees gain access to the latest techniques and industry standards through a comprehensive training programme, alongside benefits such as marketing tools, branding, operational support, continuous research and development, and crucial vendor connections.

“For those interested in investing in the health and wellness industry, hormone optimization is one of the best trajectories out there. Castle Rock offers a synergistic approach to business that benefits all participants in a positive way,” stated Dr. Moorer. “Employees feel great about being a part of the business, resulting in low staff turnover and great relationship building with our clientele. Customers are highly satisfied and feel great, producing strong customer loyalty. All these things result in a positive work environment, strong profitability, and a business that franchisees feel great about owning.”

The franchise is inviting applications from across the nation, with a particular interest in potential franchisees from throughout Colorado, the greater Las Vegas area, and selected regions within Florida. For further information, please visit

About Castle Rock Hormone Health

Castle Rock Hormone Health is a cutting-edge hormone optimization facility. Founded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has since served over 2500 patients and has been featured on Fox 31 in Denver. To find out more about Castle Rock Hormone Health, visit or httsp://

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