Brighton Triathlete Introduces “Start Now, Finish Strong!” Program for Injury Prevention

PhysioFit Physio and Pilates Studio is excited to announce “Start Now, Finish Strong!” – a pioneering recovery program specifically tailored for runners over 40 suffering from injuries. This bespoke program aims to assist in overcoming persistent running injuries and achieve pain-free running.

Alexandra Johnson, the founder, combines her extensive 15-year professional experience in physiotherapy with her personal achievements as a seasoned competitive triathlete. After earning a 2:1 BSc in Physiotherapy from St George’s Medical University, Johnson devoted more than ten years to the NHS, followed by six years in private practice specialising in musculoskeletal sports injuries.

Despite grappling with Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome, a rare vascular condition affecting her leg, Johnson has triumphed in extreme endurance events globally, including the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert, 2x 70.3 Ironman World Championships, and marathons in New York and London. Her condition necessitates the use of a medical compression stocking for walking beyond 20 minutes and presents challenges like severe pain, recurrent blood clots, muscle weakness, and balance problems.

In January 2017, Johnson encountered a severe cycling accident, resulting in multiple fractures. Frustrated by traditional physio methods, she sought innovative solutions for pain-free running, both for herself and others facing similar difficulties.

Johnson’s approach in “Start Now, Finish Strong!” eschews one-size-fits-all techniques, focusing instead on a more holistic and customised strategy for those over 40. This eight-week online program aids in body preparation and recovery, covering mental and physical wellness, rehab and prehab, joint mobility and strength, sleep, nutrition, and injury-preventive exercises. A testament to its effectiveness is the story of Stephen Taylor, who overcame a chronic Achilles issue and resumed pain-free trail running in just eight weeks.

Johnson’s investment of over £10,000 in business mentoring and coaching reflects her dedication to sharing her knowledge with a broader audience, aiding runners over 40 in overcoming their challenges.

Alexandra Johnson states: “I passionately believe that being over 40 does not equate to giving up on running or enduring pain. With the right approach, understanding, and techniques, individuals can not only resume running but do so better and stronger, embracing a new lease on life.”

For enrollment in the “Start Now, Finish Strong!” program or inquiries about one-on-one support, visit ( or contact

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