Bluewater Showcases Water Purification Solutions at the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival

Bluewater, a foremost provider of clean, purified drinking water and beverage solutions, was thrilled to hydrate attendees at the immensely popular 2024 Arnold Sports Festival held at the Birmingham NEC arena from March 15-17.

With an array of stands featuring the latest in sports equipment, apparel, and nutrition, bodybuilding athletes and fitness enthusiasts had the chance to quench their thirst at no cost using Bluewater’s high-performance, sustainable water stations, which eliminate all contaminants, from toxic chemicals and metals like PFAS to lead.

“We understand the importance of hydration in maintaining muscle function, speeding up recovery, and enhancing stamina and endurance,” remarked Bluewater chief science officer, Dr. Ahmed Fawzy, who operates out of the Bluewater head office in Stockholm, Sweden. He highlighted that Bluewater water purifiers not only eradicate health-threatening toxic chemicals such as PFAS and microplastics found in municipal and bottled water globally but are also available in a vast array of dispenser sizes suitable for various settings, from flats to gyms.

Dr Fawzy further stated: “Our water stations dispense clean, mineral-enriched water that meets the stringent hydration needs of professional bodybuilders and other fitness professionals and fans, ensuring nutrients are delivered faster and boosting blood and oxygen supply.”

At the festival, one Bluewater venue dispenser featured a 55-inch video screen for digital signage solutions to promote event and product messages. Another was a sleek water station designed for permanent installation in exhibition venues, gym settings, offices, and hotel lobbies. Both dispensed water purified using Bluewater’s innovative SuperiorOsmosis™ purification tech system, enriching it with Swedish minerals and making it the ideal hydration solution for fitness enthusiasts, from bodybuilders to runners, cross workout athletes, and any fitness fan in need of healthy hydration.

Bluewater’s participation in the Arnold Sports Festival underscores the event’s aim to advocate for a plastic-free world. By distributing its reusable bottles as giveaways, Bluewater also endeavoured to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles, reinforcing its dedication to environmental protection. In total, approximately 2,707 litres of water were distributed complimentary, equivalent to eliminating the need for 5,514 500ml single-use plastic water bottles, which would likely have contributed to landfill or marine pollution, releasing chemicals and microplastic particles into the ecosystem.

“Bluewater is committed to improving worldwide access to clean, safe, and sustainable drinking water and we are excited to have been part of the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival and support athletes and fans in their quest for healthy solutions that are good for them and for the planet,” expressed Philip Russell, Managing Director of Bluewater UK and Ireland. He added that Bluewater aims to redefine hydration to positively affect human health and eradicate global dependency on polluting single-use plastics by providing safe and healthy drinking water wherever it’s needed.

A recent Bluewater investigation in London uncovered significant contamination of the city’s tap water by hazardous ‘forever’ chemicals such as PFOA and PFOS, associated with severe health risks.

“Bluewater’s ground-breaking range of under-sink purifiers enable consumers and businesses to end their reliance on bottled water while restoring trust in the water flowing directly from their taps. Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ reverse osmosis technology successfully removes PFAS chemical pollutants from drinking water,” Philip Russell concluded.

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