12-3-20 Tiktok Trend Predicted to Make a Comeback This Summer

Back in summer 2022, the 12-3-30 challenged on tiktok caused a storm – and fitness experts have predicted we may see it make a comeback this year, as #12330workoutgoal boasts 3.8 million views and rising fast.

The challenge consists of setting a treadmill to a 12% incline and walking at 3 miles per hour for 30 minutes.

If the goal is a slender, toned physique whilst still maintaining muscle growth, experts say it is time to swap running on the treadmill for a this 30-minute incline walk.

Fitness experts at Total Shape say, “The 12-3-30 challenge stormed the internet in the run up to summer last year, and we think this trend will make a huge comeback.

“This weight loss technique demonstrated some impressive results amongst TikToker’s, demonstrating sustainable results. The weight loss technique doesn’t only help burn more calories, but helps you maintain strength and build muscle whilst alleviating joint problems.

“Running on a treadmill won’t build bigger muscles but it will tone and create definition in the muscles you already have.

“Steadily walking on an incline does wonders for your body. It can strengthen your bones and muscles, boost your coordination and balance, and target your butt and the backs of your legs- a bonus for many.

“Whilst 3mph is classed as a moderate walk, doing the 12-3-3- challenge will feel like a vigorous activity for a lot of people. So, if you can go at that pace and that incline for 30 minutes, you can class yourself as fit. 

“For those who suffer with knee problems, walking uphill is a better option, as it can strengthen leg muscles while introducing less joint load or pressure to the knee.”

One TikToker tried this challenge only to see staggering results: “LMAOOO but all jokes aside y’all IT WORKS! I lost 8.6 pounds in 5 days doing this after every lift along with a clean diet 

“An inclined treadmill can help you lose more fat, including in the belly area, because it simulates walking uphill, which raises your heart rate more than walking on a flat surface.

Researchers have found that an increased heart rate due to intense exercise correlates with the increased burning of calories per minute.

“Also, walking uphill during a treadmill workout at the same pace as regular walking may increase endurance, improve performance, and increase lean muscle mass. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, you can hasten the process of losing body fat even while at rest.”

Below, the fitness experts at Total Shape share their top tips for people wanting to lose weight and maintain a strong physique sustainably:

  1. Cut back on sugar and carbs

Sugar and carbs are a key part of a weight loss journey, and will prevent weight loss if too much is consumed.

Spend time identifying the problematic food items in and reading food labels. It can be surprising how much sugar things like canned soup and tomato sauce have in them.

Also, be mindful of the fact that many processed foods labelled low or non-fat often replace it with sugar; which of course will become love handles when eaten.

The easiest and best way to cut hidden calories is to buy fresh fruit and vegetables instead of canned ones.

However, it is important to not cut sugar and carbs out altogether, as this can do more harm than good and deprive the body of a balanced nutritional intake.

  1. Be smart about saturated fat

Saturated fats have a bad reputation these days, but in reality, low-fat items in the grocery stores are the main culprits to an explosion in obesity rates.

On the store shelves, and animal fats have been traded out for refined sugars and carbohydrates to make up for the lack of taste that occurs when the fat gets taken out.

One thing is sure, cutting out fat is not the best solution to achieve weight loss.

Therefore, try to keep a more balanced view towards fats by integrating them in healthy amounts and keep fats non-artificial to benefit from its advantages.

Experts top tip: Natural animal fats, like butter, are always healthier than heavily processed items like margarine.

  1. Increase fruit and vegetable intake

Cutting excess calories doesn’t mean eating less food, and there are many wonderful fruits and vegetables available to help keep the body feeling fuller for longer and boost mood.

Particularly high fiber fruits and vegetables like raspberries, mangos, and leafy greens make the full feeling last longer, because they take the body a long time to digest.

Also note, any dark-colored vegetables are generally higher in fiber content.

The best way to alter eating habits is to make fruits and vegetables convenient for snacking by storing them in easy access portions in the kitchen. Pack combinations like peanut butter and celery for lunch to get a kick of protein and fiber.

It’s amazing how easy it is to double or triple daily plant-based foods intake by becoming intentional about it.

  1. Try intermittent fasting

Regardless of weight-loss efforts, most people can benefit from a process known as “intermittent fasting”.

Intermittent fasting means scheduling certain times during the week without any food intake at all, no matter what.

By doing this, the body is forced to make metabolic adjustments and burn through existing adipose tissue – particularly around the midsection – in order to meet energy needs.

This might seem like a starvation diet at first glance however there is an important difference.

Intermittent fasting is just that: intermittent. Fasting occurs for a pre-set length of time, and then normal healthy eating. is resumed.

Experts top tip: Some people pick one day a week to fast. Others eat their normal healthy foods 5 days in a row and then restrict their calorie intake to 500 – 600 calories per day for 2 days. Others fast during the day then eat one meal in the evening.

For more information, visit: https://totalshape.com/

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