World’s First Superyacht Generating Hydrogen Fuel from Seawater Unveiled

MASK Architects has unveiled plans for the ONYX H2-BO 85, the world’s first superyacht capable of producing its hydrogen fuel from surrounding seawater. This luxurious 85-meter-long yacht will employ a combination of electrolysis and hydroelectric turbines to ensure continuous sustainable power.

The ONYX H2-BO 85, with its innovative hydrogen production system, promises to significantly reduce its ecological footprint, making it an attractive choice for eco-conscious wealthy individuals. Hydroelectric turbines will capture kinetic energy from the surrounding water and store hydrogen onboard.

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The yacht will employ an energy-efficient process called electrolysis to produce hydrogen gas. Electrolysis splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. The hydrogen will be stored in onboard tanks to provide clean energy when the yacht is anchored or sailing at low speeds. This system reduces the vessel’s reliance on fossil fuels and eliminates the need for large fuel reserves.

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The superyacht’s design includes luxurious cabins and lavish lounges. MASK Architects believes the ONYX H2-BO 85 represents a transformative moment for the yachting industry, marking a significant leap forward in sustainability, energy efficiency, onboard comfort, and cost savings.

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While the price of the ONYX H2-BO 85 has not been disclosed, MASK Architects hopes to make it available on the market by 2025. A prototype of the vessel capable of producing hydrogen is expected to be available in four months.

This groundbreaking superyacht is poised to lead the industry toward a greener and more sustainable future, offering luxury and eco-consciousness in one package.


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