Study by ContentDetector.AI Reveals GPTBot Blocked by Only 5.7% of Top 1000 UK Websites

A comprehensive study conducted by ContentDetector.AI has unveiled intriguing insights regarding the accessibility of GPTBot on the top 1000 UK websites. The findings show that a mere 5.7% of these premier websites have blocked GPTBot’s access, a percentage notably lower than the global average of 8.6%.

In-Depth Analysis of GPTBot’s Accessibility on Top UK Websites

The study involved a meticulous examination of over 1000 leading UK websites to determine whether OpenAI’s GPTBot was blocked from accessing their content. ContentDetector.AI’s team utilized data from Semrush to select these prominent websites based on their search traffic. The team then scrutinized the websites’ robots.txt files to ascertain whether GPTBot’s access was restricted.

Fascinating Results Unveiled

The study’s results provide a wealth of intriguing information:

  • Top 100 UK Websites: Among the top 100 UK websites, a noteworthy 11% have chosen to block GPTBot’s crawling activity, preventing it from accessing their content.
  • Top 1000 UK Websites: In the broader scope of the top 1000 UK websites, the percentage of those blocking GPTBot stands at 5.7%.
  • Comparative Analysis: Particularly striking is the fact that the top 100 UK websites have blocked GPTBot’s access at a rate 1.93 times higher than the top 1000 UK websites.
  • Global Perspective: Notably, the global analysis reveals that the number of global websites blocking GPTBot surpasses that of the top 1000 UK websites by a factor of 1.51, as highlighted in another study conducted by ContentDetector.AI.

Prominent Websites Employing Restrictions

Among the influential UK websites that have chosen to block GPTBot are well-known names such as BBC, Amazon UK, and NewsNow. These leading platforms implemented access restrictions within a span of just one week.

Explore the Complete Analysis

For a comprehensive understanding of the study’s findings, including detailed insights and implications, we invite you to delve into the complete analysis. Discover how GPTBot’s accessibility fares among the top 1000 UK websites and gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by these platforms.

View the complete analysis of the study!

The study by ContentDetector.AI presents a unique glimpse into the digital landscape’s interaction with advanced AI technologies like GPTBot. With the revelation that only a fraction of top UK websites choose to restrict GPTBot’s access, the study encourages further exploration of the intricate relationship between technology and ai content editor accessibility.

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