New Data Reveals That Pets Are The Key To Success In Life

Watford, UK. 28th November 2023 – A recent survey by pet specialists at Jollyes revealed that having a childhood pet is responsible for career success later on in life. 

This new study reveals nearly 80% of the top earners in the UK credit their childhood pet for their professional achievements.  

Here’s what Jollyes found: 

  • A striking 86% of top earners in the UK confirmed that their childhood pet is responsible for them having more of an appreciation for life
  • 78% of the UK’s highest earners agreed that their childhood pet helped them develop traits (like adaptability) that assisted in their careers
  • More than 75% of Senior Managers and 70% of Directors in the UK attributed their conversational power to having a pet in childhood
  • 73% of top earners in the UK agreed that having a pet in childhood helped strengthen their connection to their parents
  • 84% of senior professionals and 75% of Directors confirmed that dealing with loss and difficulty regarding their childhood pets contributed to their resilience in being able to overcome setbacks and challenges in their career
  • 68% of top earners in the UK agree that having a pet as a child directly influenced their attitude toward work

Understanding that having a pet as a child contributes to success in the future gives a whole new meaning to ‘Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas.’


Notes to Editor:

About Jollyes
Jollyes is one of the largest and fastest-growing chains of pet take-out food superstores across the UK. Providing both branded and self-branded pet foods, and accessories at exceptional value. Our strong heritage of over 50 years in the industry has enabled us to grow into a dominant market player today.

We currently operate over 90 stores nationwide and plan to open further stores over the next twelve months. We are continually looking for additional store locations so that we can continue to provide new customers with the best products at the best value.

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